Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The one after the bank holiday

Original title eh?

If you have just woken up from a coma, come back from the dead or was dumped in a ditch after being abducted by aliens, and have no idea what month it is, just look out the window. Its June. While June is classed as one of the 3 months of Summer, in other countries at least, June in this neck of the woods is exam time. So expect searing heat for the next few weeks. And as soon as the exams are over, we revert back to normal bollocks of rain, sleet and shite!


For the first time in ages, yesterday was a day where I completely and utterly chilled out. The day previous we bought a new grill for the BBQ, which cost €34! Yeah, for a piece of feckin’ metal. A damn site cheaper than forking out €300 for a new BBQ I suppose! So yesterday morning I went off and spent another fortune (!) on burgers and all the other things one fires onto a BBQ. There was enough food for a U.N. mission I reckon. After sitting in the sun for most of the afternoon we decided to haul hole to Mahon Point to break up the day, before the BBQ was fired up!


My quest for Cherry Coke came to an end yesterday, after a kind listener tipped me off on the location of some in a particular chemist. I’m not going to name the place, for complete and utter selfish reasons. If I mention it here, then the 5 people who read this, may likely go off and buy all the stock. Point being, it doesnt take much to make me happy.DSC03913

The rest of the evening was spent recovering and watching the MTV movie awards, which baring the cheap Eminem setup, was shite! Twilight me hole!

Anyways, back on air tonight! 9pm!!!!! Corks RedFM

P.S. If anyone really wants to know the location of the Cherry Coke, then send me a mail!

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