Sunday, June 14, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Looking for Eric

"I am not a man.....I am Cantona!" Certainly one of the movie quotes of the year! This mini movie review is extra mini, because your better off going to see one of the real feel good films of the year! Forget Slumdog Millionaire!!!! Looking for Eric has
  • An amazing performance by Steve Evets!
  • a brilliant Eric Cantona
  • A superb supporting cast
  • a director, Ken Loach, who is onto a winner here!
Its a bit gritty and industrial looking, but the story of a postman who is really down on his luck and starts asking an envisioned Eric Cantona for advice, is brilliant!

If you need a little hope and inspiration and want to see a damn fine piece of film while your at it, Lookin for Eric is that movie!


Now hurry off and go see it!

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