Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The one with my take on Brand and Ross

Right, Im gonna make this quick as Im kinda screwed for time today. The audio from the Manuel carryon is below this on a previous post. People have been asking me for my take on what happened.

In my view, its as simple as this. The producer who left this go to broadcast will or should lose their job. To me, the fact the Wossy said "fucked" and it wasnt bleeped out at the very least, let alone edited out tells me that no body bothered to listen to the PRE-RECORD. That is shite producing in its highest form. TV shows and radio shows (where pre-recorded) are edited quite a bit to keep things tight and in time. How fucked got through the net is beyond me. Ridiculous. I, personally, didnt find the thing offensive at all. At the same time it wasnt hilarious, and probably went on for longer than it should have. Getting it announced on national radio that you slept with the host probably isnt the best thing, but if a producer had done their job, a simple edit is all that it would have taken. To me, there certainly wasnt any malice in it. Just a bit of craic!

At this point, Andrew Sachs has not spoke to his grand-daughter or even seen her and he has welcomed the apologies. Her picture is plastered all over a couple of the tabloids and it is great publicity for this wan. If anybody was in her position, in some unheard of band and a wannabe model, this is the equivilent of winning the publicity lotto. She's milking it too much in my view, but wait for the tv show appearances and the "Oh woah is me, I havent slept since that terrible time" lines. 

As for Brand and Ross being suspended, thats a bit harsh. Whats happened to the production team?????? Remember as previously mentioned this was NOT live!!!! Will they get the boot? Id be very suprised if they did. Given the contracts they have et.etc.etc. and they simply would walk right into another tv and radio show and cream millions out of it!

The whole thing is a fuckin circus at this stage and it'll be forgotten about in a week.

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