Thursday, October 30, 2008

The one with Brand and Ross again

So, since I scratched out the last blog, Russell Brand has quit. Proper order. He's taken enough shit over something that has been blown so far out of proportion at this stage, its bigger than the large hadron collider. Brand is a huge loss for the BBC. As for Jonathan Ross's future, well by all accounts, that could be decided over the next 24 hours as well. I'm am disappointed and saddened that he had to quit over something that is; at this point, in my view, quite trivial.

One of the articles I read, had a quote from Sachs grand daughter this morning saying shes "delighted that justice has been done". Well isn't that a whole load of shite. Has she even heard the audio that was broadcast. After all it was Ross that made the comment that has caused so much over exaggerated bullshit, not Brand. Well she's get her pound of flesh and is still looking for more. 

In fairness to the lads they provide quality radio and television in my view. Ive been listening and watching them for years. They're so far removed from the savages that blurt out the same oul "That was U2, more good music still to come. Text us on 9809348503894503489. Hello to Johnny driving the van. This is Bland FM" That isn't good radio, its shit radio. If a radio show doesn't have a presenter with a personality and a wack of some form of content, then again, in my view that show is shite.

I'm not defending what was done, see my previous post for my take on what happened as I'm not repeating it. But this is bonkers. And to be honest, its ground some of my gears into mush. Over 30,000 complaints at this point as well. I find that quite hard to believe. Have all 30,000 complainants heard the audio, or are they jumping on the self righteous band wagon.  I feel sorry for Brand and Ross, but I feel even more sorry for Sachs grand daughter. Figure that one out!

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