Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The one with that Obama is Irish song and more...

To me, the following video is a prime example of whats wrong with the world. These absolute fuckin dopes and their stupid songs. If I was misfortunate enough to be in this establishment, I'd end up in jail. Its got nothing to do with Obama and his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather being from a bog up the country. Everyone is Irish, and everyone knows that. I'm sure Jesus had some Irish blood in him as well! But, I detest this kinda shit. The sing song shite in pubs drives me bonkers. I have to leave. Maybe its to do with my inability to sing and its a jealousy thing and that's rooted deep, down in my mind. Maybe its a stereotype that's there. These dopes and their "oul songs" who keep going and going and going making up thick, shit verses as they go! 
A few years ago, I was in a well known bar in West Cork and some made yoke fell in the door with his guitar. There was no room, but his drunken arse squeezed into the seats next to me and herself. And off he went. Snuff running out of his nose and whiskey tainted saliva pouring out of his mouth. He started belting out songs. It was like an episode of X-Factor gone very, very wrong. And that's bad as it is!

For the last few nights when I get home from the show Ive been scaring my digestivie system with Dead Space. Its freaky as hell and has one of the best atmospheres in games Ive played in ages. Basically, your like an oul council worker who goes to fix a broke down dump truck. Only thing is all the other fellas have got their arses ate by an infestation and they've turned into big, scary bastards. So you need to fix the ship and survive as your own has gone to the big spaceship heaven in the sky. Its bonkers. Lights off, Amps up. Im glad I dont have a heart condition.

I've also being giving some serious time to Fable II. Im not a huge fan of the RPG genere, but this has me hooked. Its simple to get yer head around and is huge and varied. You can even go off and get your leg over. Rubber up and no problems. Go mounting bareback in Fable II and you'll become a daddy and may contract an STI for your troubles as well. The game is truly stunning. Check it out if you've got a 360. Definitely one of the games of the year.

Also, dont forget this Sunday from 10pm there is no Cork Talks Back. Instead, there will be a 2 hour extended Movie Bit. From 10-11ish its gonna be full of quality songs from the movies. I spent a good few hours after the show last night, piecing this together, so its well worth a listen.

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