Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The one with Post 600!!!!!! and some more Halo 3


Well, well......well! Ive finally made it to post 600! I had hoped to be announcing a Halo 3 special, ala my Gears of War special in post 600! Unfortunately, due to circumstances well and truly beyond my control thats not going to be happening! But, later on, on air I will be giving my, albeit brief, review of Halo 3 as I managed to get a copy from the nice people at Microsoft this afternoon! More importantly we will be giving away copies of Halo 3 during the week to boot, including the extremely rare Legendary edition!!!!!

Also, keeping with all things Halo, Ill be partaking in a "Game with Fame" on Saturday afternoon. Incidently, those of you who manage to pick up Halo 3 tonight can also catch me online from about 1am tonight / Wed morning!

So the fight is about to be finished!!!!!! Bring it on!

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