Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The one about , well read the damn thing and see

Tempers are a terrible thing, my one in particular isnt great. Well, when it comes to computers I dont actually have a temper, its more a rage. Another weekend, another keyboard. Ive been meaning to buy a new PC for ages now, but if truth be told Im too tight with money. Id much rather be buying useless shite off Ebay and other places as opposed to making a sound technological investment. Either way the PC ground to a halt over the weekend and unfortunately the keyboard was the one that got murdered. The sad thing is the keyboard was innocent. Just another case of PC rage!

Other than the keyboard getting assaulted, we had a great night in Club Light in Mallow as Im sure you can tell from the pictures. Alas for now, that is the update for today. Im using an old keyboard which is clunk central and its fearing for its life!!!!

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