Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The one with some Summer!

Well, Happy Summer! Hang on, maybe Im wrong, lemme look at the winda! Its dull, windy and overcast. Tis Summer alright!

Before I ramble about anything else, or before people just click the magical x in the top right corner, get yer holes onto monopoly.ie
Click vote now and vote Cork. I started this little campaign last night and I still reckon we can get Cork into the Top 5!

Speaking of Voting, the Election is underway and no doubt your only 15 seconds away from an Election Poster or someone that stars on an Election poster will be opening your letter box and asking is there anyone home! This is a clever ploy! Best advice is to say "No" and said vote hunter should scurry away to the next port of call! The city and county is awash with posters and in particular the South Link looks like a race course with truck loads of Vote #1 posters on either side of the road. I was actually expecting a pace car to be leading the traffic onto the link last night, or a fella with a chequered flag at the very least!

I'll leave you with possibily one of the greatest adverts of all time!

and one of the greatest songs of all time (If offended by bad language, dont bother clickin' play)

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