Thursday, May 10, 2007

The one about Supermarket Queues

For those of us who haven't got the patience to wait for the delivery truck to arrive with the goods from an online supermarket, we make do with trudging to an actual one. I find it quite therapeutic wandering the aisles, looking to buy stuff to clog up the cupboards. If you're like me then you'll gravitate toward the checkout that has little people waiting to checkout, or just one individual with a hefty load, but half way through the checkout procedure. Either way, I got a dose of the wrong queueitis this morning. 5 checkouts, all open, all with queues of people. But using my checkout sense (tis kinda like spidey-sense, but geared towards checkouts in supermarkets) I found the shortest queue. How wrong was I. A bucket load of what ever Mrs.Bridy was buying wouldnt scan, so the checkout girls were running around, in marathon preparation style, trying to get prices. After a good ten minutes, I was told to go to an abandoned checkout and someone would be there shortly. It felt like a scene out of some futuristic, desolate movie. Man standing on his own with a lump of chicken breast in a basket, waiting for the rescue team to arrive. Some movie, some checkout!

Eventually the rescue team arrived and scanned through me items. I took a glance at the busiest queue and that had cleared in no time at all. So the morale of this is, if you are blessed with checkout sense and it starts tingling, ignore it. It can be very difficult, but if you put your mind to it, you can fight the checkout sense urges. Basically, go to the busiest queue you can find, they always go quicker.

More Roy - A Footballers tale tickets up for grabs a little later as well as the usual stuff, from the show where its YOUR opinion that counts!

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