Thursday, April 26, 2007

The one with....

Righto, no excuses this time round! Not that I have any either! Its been another mad couple of days in the land of yours truly! Probably the most bizarre thing thats happened is the cut a dog out of a couch morning, that I endured on Tuesday!

We have one of those mini couches for the lads, and Bilbo has a habit of making love to it and Gus has a habit of eating it. So after a few weeks of serious sofa shagging and extreme eating, disaster struck! I got up early the other morning to discover the couch overturned and Biblo half sitting underneath. Nothing unusual there, except he managed to get his leg embedded and wrapped up in part of the eaten material. I tried to unravel it, but twas on too tight. So he decided twud be a good time to take a bit outta me hand! Finding the sharpest knife in the kitchen I got back down on all fours and the bastard tried to eat the knife and me hand...again! I suppose I understood and eventually cut him out of the couch! I know its not exactly rock 'n roll, but when you think about it, it kinda is! Dog humping, Sharp knives, Snarling dogs embedded in a mini couch all I was short was a few hookers! Afterwards I went upstairs and threw a portable out the window!

Also on Tuesday, I showed my face at the Cork Drug Awareness week in the Rochestown Park, to give a quick chat to hundreds of students! By all accounts it went down very well with lots of people praising my speech! I suppose when people here about young girls bombed outta their mind and dirty old men (literally) molesting them, it hits home!

Snatch in the house tonight by the way!

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