Thursday, September 14, 2006

An interesting night last night, to say the least. Junior Cert night seemed to go off pretty well for the alot of teens, but of course there is the absolute scumbag shitheads that ruin it for everyone else. Its these idiots that are getting the rest of the teen crew a bad name! Fellas running around the place with belts wrapped around their fist, gangs tearing up and down Pana with bottles, bars and an assortment of weapons, girls trying to do as much damage to one another with their SHOES, Guards been bit, windows being put in, car alarms going, people falling onto cars and puking their lungs up on their girlfriend while trying to drop the hand, stabbings, bottlings...the list goes on and on! While I accept that out of the thousands of teenagers that were in the city last night, it was only a few hundred that caused the bulk of the mayhem. For anyone to think this is just an average night in the city, they would really want their heads tested! Within in 30 seconds of Eimear being on the air, a bottle came within mm's of doing some damage to her. In fairness she stuck it out and alot of people commended her on her bravery! As this was going on, all I could do was look at Dave in disbelief. The amount of eye witness's that called in last night was huge, with people describing the madness that was unfolding! By midnight, most of it had subsided, well bar an 11 year old getting assaulted in Burger King and gangs hanging around waiting to dish out some revenge on earlier beatings!

Fairplay to the Gardai, The Ambulance Service and The Fire Brigade last night. These people have far more important things to be doing, than trying to protect the city and its residents from absolute maggots!

I'll follow up on the whole thing tonight!

And SNATCH are back, to lighten the mood before the weekend ;)

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