Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Well looks like the Ferrari Enzo I was going to put a fiver on, on Ebay has gone up a few quid. Check the link below to see the current bid, but as of this morning its after tipping a tonne.....a tonne thousand to be a bit more specific. While the reserve has not been met, its still cheaper than your average house. Afterall, what would you get for less than a 100k these days. Some bread maybe, some milk or some day time landline to mobile calls.

I was in Limerick on Sunday for the Custom and Performance Car show, hence a few photos further down the page. I was only their an hour, but it was enjoyable none the less. For anyone that has any shortcomings about the car enthusiast scene, they should take a trip to one of these shows. Its a family day out, with no BS. Even my better half changed her opinion on the whole scene after she witnessed how well behaved and organised the whole thing was!

By now Im sure all the Junior Certs have got their results, and some have ended up in a ditch with aload of cheap booze! If your a Junior Cert, and are able to read this...please take it handy. Dont mix the drinks, have something to eat and keep yer wits about you! The show will be live on the streets later on this evening, as JC night 2006 unfolds. The blog shall return to normal over the next few days, as Im aware its slipped in the last few updates. Maybe its something to do with my health kick, being kicked into the river!

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