Monday, September 18, 2006

What a weekend Im after putting down! Was at the afters of a wedding in Macroom on Saturday night, and for once I wasnt driving and for the remainder of the weekend I spent my time driving around Oahu, Hawaii. What was I doing there I here you ask? Racing, breaking the speed limit, test driving a few exotic cars such as an Ferrari Enzo or a Pagani Zonda, doing a few courier runs and believe it or not saving. Yup, saved long and hard and Im now the proud owner of a Ford GT (tuned to Level 3) that will eat the road up to the tune of 200+ mph! Test Drive Unlimited on the Xbox 360 has ruined my weekend. Its the first game in a long time, that I just cant put down. The smart folks at Atari have more or less recreated Oahu digitally! Not to mention that loads of other drivers are running (or driving even) riot around the Island on Xbox live, at the same time!

Thats about it for blogging today, but check out the show later for an absolute tonne of giveaways, amongst the usual bedlam, and you psychic for this evening will be Elizabeth Joyce!

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