Friday, September 01, 2006

In a complete nutshell!!!

Kevin, the guy who was a recovering alcoholic, and seriously down on his luck came got sorted out late last night. He came on the air looking for advice, and told the tale of how he owned 500 quid to a loan shark and needed by this morning, otherwise he was going to get a serious hiding. That was it, he told his tale, and the people of cork blew our switchboard, nearly clean off the desk. For security reasons, I couldnt announce, until now that a Taxi company offered to bring Kevin out to the studio to collect the money from a generous listener. To be honest, I was blown away by the genoristy of Cork people, AGAIN last night. I know people say Cork is full of begrudgers, well last night was definitely not the case! Legends!!!!!

Speaking of legends, we had reports for most of last night of people spotting a guy in a cape and black jumpsuit. Someone rang and told Dave that they saw this guy in the car park, late last night. So doing his producer job, he wandered off to see what or who was going on. And unbelieveably, he came back into the studio with Elvis Presley...from Kanturk. And hes on the net too...amazing!!!

The Elvis

Videos to follow!!!!

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