Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The one with Moths

I came home last night and before putting the key in the lock, I was a little mesmerised by a selection of moths attached to the wall. I began to think what the life of a moth must be like, just hanging around on a wall.image Are they waiting for some moth drugs to be delivered by the local moth drug dealer? Is there a moth equivalent of Starbucks and they’re just hanging around waiting for a little moth frappecappolattinocha? Or were the actual moths that were hanging around, actual moth hookers? Waiting for other moths to fly by and then proposition them for some dirty moth sex on my doorbell! It might explain a big ass; Daddy long legs, who was lurking in the shadows. Obviously a pimp, and why wouldn’t he be? With a name like Daddy Long legs? He’s gotta be! I’m sure he had a cane and everything! But as I said, he was lurking in the shadows and it was difficult to see!

I think I’ve hit the nail on the head with this one! As there are always other insects hanging around, obviously looking for a little inter-insect erotica and are willing to pay their hard earned cash! No doubt some of them are extra freaky insects as there were a few moths hanging around with missing wings and legs, but what ever floats ones boat.

I know what your thinking reading this, I’ve lost my mind! I suppose in hindsight, there's probably no way in hell moths would be seen dead, drinking a frappecappolattinocha!

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