Monday, October 12, 2009

The one with the dogs

I don’t know how many of you have dogs, and to be honest I won’t be losing any sleep about it either. But for those of you that have…

We have 2 Yorkies. And they’re definitely bi-sexual at the very least. Not that it bothers me or anything, but to be honest (and you may not want to be eating when you read on) if I want to see 2 dogs eating one another’s ass then I’ll go off and look for it online. But as  I don’t its a bit rude on the dogs part. Now that said, they can be subtle at times. Take last Saturday evening. The wife went out and I hung out in the bedroom watching Christ knows what, before I headed off to the Club. As soon as the dogs realised “Hey, there’s nobody downstairs, we can have a fuckfest” off they thundered down the stairs. Usain Bolt wouldn’t have got down the stairs any faster.

I’m not entirely sure what goes on. At times there is lots of howling. Other times there is silence. So after a while I called them back up to the love room and one (the older one) was all out of breath and the other was just chilled, making it quite obvious who was the bitch. That said, I still believe they don’t get it one with each other. Its more of a scenario where the older one gets his groove on with a blanket, folds up just right and goes at it like a hungry Mike Tyson. The younger one then just stands by, whoopin’ and hollarin’.

If you thought that's bad, then there's the constant rim jobs that are happening. And both are guilty of that. The blanket banging goes in a more private setting, while the rim jobs just happen any time, any place. And they cause the dog’s teeth to start chattering like its 40 below freezing. Bizarre and crazy shit!

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