Thursday, May 28, 2009

The one with the last few days

Right, haven't had a “proper” update here in a bit! So will avail today!

Last few days have been pretty demented (hence no full blown blogging shenanigans). I’ve always been tinkering around with the film and writing lark and ever before I discovered radio, it was always my first love. I’ve made plenty of short flicks and 3D animations and so on, but it all started to slide when I got into radio. So after much thought and the whole thinking about doing it as opposed to doing it, I got the camera back out a few weeks back and got writing again. I have books full of shite written  to get out there so it was nice to get back at it full pelt!

Last Thursday, I shot the first few scenes for A/S/L (see below), then after 4 hours sleep I shot another bulk of it on Saturday and then Sunday was pencilled in to shoot the final scenes in the Pavilion. Sunday was the day that I melted down and made shit of the office (ya know the office, the converted back bedroom office) and fucked up an external HD to boot. So in between shooting, editing, organising the wedding, went to another wedding and doing the show it was a pretty full on week of carry on! I didn't see TV for a week and came in last night and sat down and watch Kerry bloody Katona! That's what sleep depravation does!

Anyway, I got the competition cut together (running time 3 mins) and then spent another day and a bit trying to sort out the feckered HD. So If anyone wants to send a medal my way, then that’s great! Make sure its one of them chocolate ones!

And I ran out of money in a shop yesterday! Decided to be nice to the wife to be and treat her to a Romantica (They didn't have Hagen Daz or Ben & Jerrys FFS) as a surprise and got meself a lotto ticket as well. The Romantica came in at 7 fuckin euro, the lotto came in at 4 euro and the miserable packet of sweets came in at 1.20 Of course I didn't have enough for the sweets! First time it happened in about 25 years!

And another thing! All these feckin election posters. They’re beginning to make me nauseous. Vote number wan! Vote number wan! Why the hell should I vote number 1 for someone who hasn't called to the door or indeed when their little helpers call to the door they cant answer any questions and just grunt and hand over the pamphlet! Fuck off!

Anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That felt good!!!


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