Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Night at the museum 2

There was always going to be a sequel for Night at the Museum, after all it made over $250,000,000 at the box office, so could even more money be squeezed out of the franchise? Well, Night at the Museum 2 has arrived, and no doubt it will make loads more cash, based on how popular the first movie was. But as well we know, from time to time, popular movies aren't necessarily good movies….or are they???

A few years have passed and Larry Daley (Stiller) has become quite well off after inventing things like glow in the dark flashlights and the likes. From time to time, Larry likes to revisit his old job and wander around the Museum of Natural history. When every one leaves and the sun goes down, all the exhibits once again, come back to life.But all is not well, the new museum curator (Gervais) is getting rid of the old exhibits, and is replacing them with new interactive gadgets. It turns out that the current exhibits are all going to be shipped to the Smithsonian in Washington, to the Federal archives. Well, all bar one or 2 exceptions, including Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams) who has a very small role this time round.


In turn, Larry heads off to Washington and from there, the whole Smithsonian comes to life and Jedediah (Wilson) and Octavius (Coogan) are captured by Kahmunrah. So then we’re off in a rescue mission and so on and so forth.


While Stiller reprises his role as the night guard, he doesn't do much to set the screen alight. I have no idea why Ricky Gervais is in this movie. He adds nothing to it, and his performance is forced and false. The rest of the supporting cast are quite good, in particular (Mr.Simpsons voice actor) Hank Azaria who is superb as the baddie Kahmunrah as is Steve Coogan as the Roman dude. Special mention as well to Amy Adams who plays the “I flew the Atlantic and I'm a woman” Amelia Earhart. Other than that, the rest of the eye candy involves some pretty superb special effects, including the statue of Abe Lincoln coming to life, and a very loveable Octopus. All the CG characters are quite funny and well done, but the poor ol T-Rex and many of the originals characters don't feature as prominently as they did, and are replaced with nothing too exciting, with the 2 obvious exceptions already mentioned.NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2

This movie will be wonderful for kids. Its big and brash and what kid hasn't dreamt of things coming to life after dark in a museum. There’s not really enough here for the adults though. The humour is pretty low scale through out, even the monkeys fail to raise a laugh and bar the occasional giggle (mainly between Stiller and Jonah Hill near the beginning) there’s not alot of comedy here, even for the younger audience. But they’ll be too busy being awestruck with huge walking statues and so on. I didn't hate this, I didn't love it. Its just a plain Jane, that never really goes anywhere.On a final note, Night at the Museum 2 will be great for kids, bearable for the adults who bring the kids, and for the adults who go on their own it’ll be just another bland comedy with some very well done special effects, which will be quickly forgotten about.

9/10 (If your a kid)
7/10 (If your the parents who brought the kids)
6/10 (If your just the couple on a date movie)

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