Friday, April 10, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Let the right one in

Swedish cinema arrives in Cork with a major bang this Friday (April 10th) with, Let the right one in, which has over 40 awards to its name.

Its a simple story. Bullied boy, who’s a little obsessed with murder (Oskar) meets the new girl in his apartment block, who is a vampire. She needs feeding, and her minder goes off and murders people, by slitting their throat, after hanging them upside down from a tree..of course. He then attempts to fill up big gallon drums with their blood and bring back the liquid happy meal to little miss vampire to feast on

The town thinks there is a serial killer on the loose, until one of the local’s spots Eli (little miss vampire) attacking someone. But some think he’s a little reserved, given that he’s like the mad cat woman from the Simpsons.


The movie follows the growing relationship between Oskar and Eli and how they become friends and eventually “Go steady”. Throw in the continuing problems with bullying for Oskar and how he deals with the bullies and the constant hunger experienced by Eli, you have an amazing movie.

Let the Right One In

It is incredibly well shot and from the first moment, I was completely and utterly sucked in by the landscapes, the people and an amazing soundtrack which is put to superb use throughout. Let the right one in, is in Swedish, but is subtitled in English. Don't let that put you off whatever you do, as you will miss out on something truly brilliant. There is fantastic performances from all, especially the 2 teenage actors and it feels like your not actually watching a movie, the performances are actually that good! While it may be another vampire movie and quite horrific at times, it brings a human quality to the vampire legend.


I loved Let the right one in, its something different and refreshing and has a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful ending that will bring a masochistic smile to your face..

While this may not make the Fast and Furious fans take off their pants, Let the right one in; simply put, is not only European cinema at its greatest, but it is cinema at its finest.  


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