Thursday, April 09, 2009

The one with lots of Wolverine

Really looking forward to this now!!! Just got some images from Fox. The press event looks pretty cool! Also included are streaming trailer links, all in varying degrees of quality. If you’ve got a fast connection check the 1500k one! Enjoy, Roll on May 1st!

Press Event

DSC_0070 (Large)DSC_0115 (Large)   DSC_0134 (Large) DSC_0160 (Large) DSC_0209 (Large)

Stills/Promo shots

wolverine still 2 lo wolverine still 3 lo wolverine tank lo xmw-5 lo wolverine still 1 lo

Streaming Trailer links

X Men Origins: Wolverine 100k

X Men Origins: Wolverine 330k

X Men Origins: Wolverine 850k

X Men Origins: Wolverine 1500k


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