Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The one with Fiddy!

I've been impressed with his gaff (his house, for those of you reading outside of Cork) and now Im impressed with his on stage antics! Paris "I work very hard now considering Grandpa aint giving me shit" Hilton decided to hop up on stage and get her groove on. Below is the video of what happened, compliments of youtube. As many know, Im not a Paris Hilton fan. I cant stand the fake "socilite" bullshit. And no I wouldnt let her into me bedroom either. Well unless she was going to change the sheets and do a quick hoover under the bed. But knowing Paris, she probably thinks hoover is something she's supposed to do with her mouth. If you ask me, she cant seem to do that right either. Those of you who are wise internet perverts will know what I'm on about.

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