Thursday, April 17, 2008

The one with food, and good food at that!

Right, just to make the point again.

In light of many people voting in the text poll last night, and from the night previous where many are worried about dragging their kids to the chipper 7 nights a week, heres the deal!

In my wisdom, I've decided to set up a new blog (link coming later) which I will post up recipes from local Cork chefs (and further afield, if needs be)

The recipes will be simple, straight forward and will be able to be cooked by anyone in a short amount of time. So no more going to the chipper 7 nights a week. So you, your better half or even your kids will be able to get something decent a few times a week.

So what I need is for any chefs reading this to email me a simple recipe to either of the email address's at the side of the blog. You'll get a little bit of publicity, ie who you are, where you're a chef. That kinda thing! So c'mon cooks and chef's....pretty please!

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