Thursday, April 03, 2008

The one where if you have one too many you may turn Bertie!

Well, thats it. As Hudson said in Aliens...

"That's it man, game over man, game over!"

So May 6th will be the day that the head of the country gets his P45. Unless you've just crawled out from under your rock, Bertie Ahern has resigned or will resign as both the head boffin of Fianna Fail and the chief skull cracker of the country. Ok, so maybe he didnt crack to many skulls, but its done, its dusted. Christ, fill in your own "out of job cliche saying"

The show was swamped last night with callers all trying to get their spoke in. Many of them local politicians. All recognised what Bertie has achieved for Ireland, well specifically the peace process in the North, The Presidency of the EU and the Economy (to a point). But many did seem to think parts of the Mahon Tribunal dont add up and many seem to think Bertie is after doing something dodge even though nothing has been proven!

Did he resign too early? In my opinion, maybe he did. He should have stuck it out, but saying that if you or I were to get that amount of (at times) bullshit thrown around at us, we'd probably decide to go "Era, c'mere, feck that like. Im out the gap". What people seem to forget at times is that Bertie, like other politicians, are human too. They have their breaking point, they have their Popeye moments where they "cant stands no more".

In my observation, there was also a little up yours to the press, yesterday. A decision like this doesnt happen over the morning tea and scones at government buildings. So for the morning papers not to have this as their lead, and reporters being summoned at 10am, was a nice little, final kick to the press.

Did he do anything wrong? I dont know. How would I know? Im not the one compiling the Mahon report. It's certainly not the job of the opposition to take on the role of Mr. Mahon. In my view, Bertie and his finances of years gone by certainly should not have dominated the political process in Ireland the way it did. Fianna Fail folk are at blame as well as the opposition parties. Berties crew were too busy defending the boss man from the contining barrage of shots from the other side. I do take the point that other topics have been trashed out, but Bertie's bobs were the priority. The country has been held ransom almost because of this, and its both parties at fault. Check out a previous post as to what I said to Noel O Flynn and Jerry Buttimer.

Now that he's resigned, whats going to happen. Are we going to be stuck in another brawl of "We need a general election" "Era no we dont". Folks, theres alot more to to do than that.

Just shut the fuck up about it, and get on with running the country and argue over that!!!!!!!!

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