Thursday, March 27, 2008

The one where theres something, but not sure what it is yet!

Well....its Thursday. Its lunchtime Thursday to be precise....................If I knew how much it cost, I'd probably be saying the price of bread is terrible. But I don't pay attention to bread prices. Its not because when I use the loo, I shit vast quantities of money. Far from it! Maybe a 5 pence as a child, but that was due to putting money in my mouth.

In a week of lack luster blog updates and a serious of propaganda regarding one of my work colleagues seriously injuring himself in a skiing accident, it may well be time to just hang up the keyboard for the week.

For anyone that's interested, I came across a decent recipe for cheesecake yesterday and decided to have a lash. It turned out great, but if truth be told (and it always is on this blog) it needed more vanilla extract. Vanilla extract is feckin expensive, nearly six quid a bottle. Then I need cream cheese, 3 blocks, which cost over another 6 quid. Then a tub of creme fraiche, which cost a euro. With the exception of the creme fraiche, making a cheese cake is bloody expensive. And don't even get me started on the price of biscuits for the base. Well, at least the bread is cheap. I think!!!!

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