Thursday, January 17, 2008

The one on a serious note

Every time I cover the Suicide debate on the show, be it prevention and awareness or otherwise I get more and more annoyed. As I said last night, how many more live's will have to be lost? All because there is not enough money pumped into awareness. All because many of the support groups cannot get funding. All because some idiots think the whole subject is taboo and prefer to hide it under the carpet. How many more lives will have to be lost? I really hope the issue of Suicide and Mental health doesnt come smashing though your door some day. As many people have pointed out, its only when it hits home that people realise how big an issue it really is. And its only then that yet again another life has been lost, that otherwise may have been saved if there was more awareness etc.

From doing the subject on the show over the last years, I've been educated on the subject as I hope many listeners have been as well. It IS tough listening from a listeners perspective. At times, even I find it tough listening to people, telling their stories of how family members have taken their own lives or how they themselves have attempted to end their own life. And to them, I give my sincere and utter thanks and admiration. These are the people that help raise awareness! Some of these people have never rang a radio station in their life. But they do it, to tell their story and in turn express anger for the lack of awareness in the country as a whole. In doing so, they also raise awareness.

I accept the point, that some will find the topic in itself depressing. But please, dont turn off the radio the next time it comes up. Listen to what people have to say. Listen to their side of things. As grim as some of it may sound to some, keep listening. It raises YOUR awareness! Its kept in the back of your mind. Again, lets hope it doesnt come through your door like a bull elephant. At least with the awareness, its kept in your mindset and people might not then be so quick to dismiss someone "whos just down in the dumps".


paul said...

Very well said Vic and thoroughly needed to be said!

Stamp Out Suicide! said...

Everyone can help raise awareness and so on a relevant note:

The Stamp Out Suicide! website is packed with information, which we hope people will find helpful. There are pages concerned with suicide awareness and suicide prevention and pages intended to be helpful to the people of Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. The site provides points of contact for those feeling depressed and / or suicidal and for those bereaved by suicide.

The more that know about the site the better, because then more will know that help is available and how they can access it.