Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The one with some Cruising

What is with the weather? Man, are we getting pissed on! I know its typical Irish behaviour to moan about the weather and it takes alot for me to moan about it. But its been raining since October last year, give or take a day or 2. All I want to do is change the oil in the lawnmower, drain the petrol and store it for a few weeks. I dont want much from life, but at the moment, Im surrounded by marsh land!

Its never nice announcing the death of a celebrity, particuarly one that is a decent actor. Heath Ledger passed away yesterday, at the young age of 28. I started covering the story as soon as it broke and we were inundated with extremely sad Ledger fans! The rumour mill is in full effect, but according to some of the more "credible" sources, pills were found next to this body. Watching Sky News when I came home last night, some Aussie entertainment boffin was saying that Heath Ledger lived the dream but didnt really like it when it come through. Theres thousands of people dying every day, but a celeb death allways rings through to some people, as no doubt people grow "close" to them, through movies, songs and media!

Speaking of celebrity, theres an awful lot of madness surrounding Tom Cruise! Below, is a snippet of the video I've been playing recently. Some people are even comparing him to some Nazi rallying the troops. I like Tom (We're on first name terms) and I think he has been involved in some fantastic movies. As long as he's not doing anything illegal then most should'nt worry. But seeing him in those videos, has unnerved alot of people. I suppose when you see him out of the guise of Ethan Hunt or yer man from War of the Worlds or whatever its gets on peoples tits. Its probably the equivilent of seeing some other famous face in your local Dunnes buying spuds. You think it doesnt happen, but it does!

One of the first big games (IMO) of 2008 is very close to arriving in your PS3 or Xbox 360. Devil May Cry, which looks the dogs pup making sacks, arrives on the Playstation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace on Jan 31st and tomorrow respectively (or so rumour has it). Well worth a nose!

Dont forget, more Nintendo DS goodness to be given away tonight as well as tickets for the Wedding Showcase in Silversprings Moran Hotel! Till 9, say fine. (Christ thats cheesy)

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