Monday, August 20, 2007

The one with Stag, Boar and Ostrich

I wont begin by moaning about the weather, as the sun is shining. But I will moan and possibly praise other things.

The Cobh regatta was on during the weekend, and thankfully the whole thing wasnt washed out, for a change. I took a stroll in there on Friday and was astonished at the amount of cool stalls peddling all kinds of goodies on the side of the road. At first, I thought it was the usual farmers market in Cobh, which to be bluntly honest isnt exactly mind blowing. But no, aload of Italians and French had set up stalls, well either they were genuine French and Italians or just a few locals putting on the oul Mama Mia accent for a bet. One of the stalls was flogging various tops of sausages, from Stag to Boar to, yes you've guessed it, Ostrich. Thankfully there were more than enough free samples floating around, to keep the American tourists happy and even for a hungry individual like meself. Boar, weird taste. Stag tasted like dog shit actually. Well, its about as close to dog shit flavor as I can imagine. As for the Ostrich, well it was a bit tough, which is surprising for a bird that spends most of its day with its head stuck in the sand. Contrary to what The Discovery channel will tell you about its super acceleration and all that.

Theres a new health kick after kicking in...again. Who knows how long this one will last, but heres hoping it should last longer than the last one. Last Thursday night was more or less the first visit to the land of healthier eating and it took great strength and willpower not to wander into Hillbillies after the show. That said, the wise words of Karl Spain did spring into my head, after I got home. Have the Breast n A Bun and not the chips. One or the other. Very wise words indeed, almost Jedi like. Come to think of it, I'd swear Yoda has hollered out those from time to time, or something similar.
"Breast N a Bun or Chips Luke. You must chose, one or the other..hehehe. There is no try, for if two consume you do, then to the CUH....lead you to it, it will.!

On another note, maybe somebody reading might be able to explain the extremely common occurrence of young males wearing baseball caps, pointed almost 90 degrees off their little shaved heads. Initially, I thought this was a public service, organized by Nasa or the European Space Agency. Given the recent shenanigans with the Space Station etc.etc. I originally thought that these near vertical baseball caps were pointing to the location of the ISS. Obviously I was wrong! Where do the various scobes get their fashion sense? Is there a magazine out there that instructs them on what degree its best to tilt their hat at. Or have they come up with it, all by their lickle selves. Maybe its a Celtic thing? As most of these near vertical hat wearers are donned out in a Celtic jersey. Chances are they don't even know who, or what Celtic are. For all they know it could be the latest Fashion designer!

T-shirt by Celtic €49.99, but your parents got a knock off for a fiver, in Santa Ponza
Tracksuit bottoms by Nike €19.99
Runners by HiTec €14.99

Hat blown off your thick head because you think tis daycent to wear it at an acute angle, by a gust of wind - Priceless!!!

On a final note, for those of you who didnt believe that actually WAS James Blunt last night...heres the proof. Blunt is the Red hairy guy!

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