Thursday, August 23, 2007

The one with a Fish Tank!

Dont forget, later on our Fishy tales giveaway, with Sully's Pet shop, Cornmarket Street comes to an end with a self cleaning Aquarium up for grabs to one lucky listener. There may even be another chance to squeeze into the final!!!

A huge response to the Turban topic last night on the show, with over 70% of listeners voting YES, to the fact that the Gardai should be allowed to ban religious head gear as part of the standard issue uniform. Like anything, theres 2 sides to this tale. For a Sikh to be a member of the force they have to remove the Turban, but their religion forbids them to do this. So, as it stands if a Sikh wants to be a Guard, they cant. On the other side of the coin, the Gardai are making the point that there in line with the National Racism Plan. They say its a standard issue uniform and thats that more or less. Then on the third side of my magical three sided coin, its been done for years in the UK, parts of the US, Malaysia and so on. Maybe its something, in time that will evolve over here, who knows. The one thing that did shock me to a certain extent is the amount of texts and callers which kept using the words, They and Them. They come over here, They abide by the rules etc.etc. Theres still a large amount of dislike for Foreign Nationals coming to Ireland. The usual bullshit of "They take or jobs and our woman" crops up on a daily and nightly basis. The jobs that the Irish dont actually want, the jobs that the Irish think are beneath them. Right. The woman that are being stolen off Irish men, maybe if some of the Irish blokes visited a shower more than once a week, went off a bought a can of Lynx and actually used it and actually had some personality then maybe the woman wouldnt be stolen by "Them". Gimme a break! Some others were roaring about history. None of us live in history, we create history and a certain percentage of cowards use history as an excuse to hold up progress and thats one of the reasons this country is behind the times. Many parts of history include fellas rampaging around the place swinging sacks of spuds, but they bate each other around the place, for what they believed was right to move the country forward.

Some people took issue with one of my comments last night about how I almost prefer to get served in a shop by someone thats a Foreign National. At times, yeah, tis true. Sure, there are plenty of staff that cant speak proper English, but there are plenty of Irish that cant seem to speak it either. Well unless a few grunts rates as English!

Tonight, a brand new feature kicks off on the show, called Sexually Speaking. Basically, Anne Sexton from Hotpress will be on the phone taking YOUR calls about all things sexual. So if your looking to spice up your sex life, spice it down or even want to know how to swing off a chandelier than Anne, will be on air with my goodself at 11:15.


robert gerar said...

You dont want to hire the Sikhs. Fine. You lose out. That guy is educated (IT professional) and will still get a better job.
He just wanted to show his love for Ireland that he wanted to be a gardai. He showed he wanted to be a part of Irish mainstream by joining the forces.
But it is not his loss. They are losing on the Sikhs who are among the best forces in the world. Dont believe that. Look at what war nerd says.
Still dont believe it. Then let me tell you that the Indian army, one of the largest in the world is headed by a Sikh. And the Indian prime minister is a Sikh.
By the way, Sikhs are only two per cent of India's population

Lobelia said...

Like Vic sez, there are Sikhs working in law enforcement in other countries, what's the problem with the turban anyways, do the GardaĆ­ have to wear a helmet as part of their uniform or something?