Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The one about Inquizition

Welcome to Autumn, heres hoping its going to be nothing like the Summer. Wettest July since records began according to some boffins. Im sure you, as well my good self, can do with out any large brained individuals informing us of how crap our Summer was. If I recall correctly, it all went downhill when I bought a new umbrella parasol thing for the garden at the first sign of sunshine, around late April. Hands up who went off and bought an expensive BBQ. You know the one thats too big to fit into your car, its got 9 gas burners and eats its way through an entire bottle of gas after incinerating a few chicken wings. Just out of curiosity, has anyone cooked on their new Barbie yet, sampled some sticky ribs off its hotplate or even managed to get the thing out of the box. Probably not. I think Bertie and the lads should have come back from holidays a bit earlier and done a Putin on the whole thing. Shoot the rain clouds out of the sky. The Russian head honcho has done this on many an occasion, including a Paul McCartney gig. Wouldn't it be great if you could ring the cloud dispersion hot line.

"Hello, your true to the cloud dispersion hot line. All our operators are busy, please hold the line. Your call is important to us"

34 minutes pass by

"Hello, this is Tom. How can we be of assistance"

"Yeah, here ah, an oul big fucker of a cloud there hanging over Ballyphehane and I want ta get me chicken wings sorted out"

"No problem Sir, Mastercard or Visa?"

Anyways, on another note Im going to be launching Mark Evans new book, Inquizition in the Crane Lane on Thursday night @ 7pm. I've been dishing out copies all week long and have been making my way through the book. Great read so far and a tonne of questions and answers and bus loads of trivia to boot!

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