Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The one with The one in the title and not much else

A week back on the show and 2 odd weeks back in the country! It was actually difficult enough to get back into the swing of things, but my 2 feet are know dug in to the plush carpet of the station. To coin a popular Cork phrase, since coming home Ive been "Alerge" to the place. Ive been in NYC before and it made a big impression and it made a bigger dent in my impression section this time round. We were out at all times of the day and night, from the Bronx to Staten Island and not once did we come across any trouble, fellas wandering around with their hoods up or even more surprisingly drunk people. For a city that was built by the Irish, its fantastic to be able to wander around without some pissed up fool vomiting up against a shop window, pissing in the middle of the road or roaring "Hereeee bbiiiysssshhhh, watchhhhh me ppuuut thisssshhh rroooadd coone uuppppppp meeeee hooollllllllllleeeeee". Even the simplest of things like breakfast are a big deal over. Take a garage or shop in Cork and they all flog the same breakfast, a roll stuffed with a few sausages, rashers and black pudding, with the ketchup put on last, so it can conveniently destroy what your wearing. Its not as if the Delis were making strange concoctions with bizarre, only found in Wyoming ingredients. Its simple stuff, eggs, bagels, toast, bacon, pancakes. The last time I checked all of these things were available here. Maybe as a nation we're not ready for a New York style breakfast. We need a few more choices to be available, it cant hurt can it. And thats only for breakfast! Can you imagine walking into a garage "deli" and asking for your eggs sunny side up. Of course you cant, because no doubt you would be the butt of said garages jokes for the next week. "C'mere Scoooooter, dya hear yer man there did ya, he wants his eggs sunny side up, for fuck sake. Sunny side up meee hhoooooollllleee. So, ah, we going out getting locked tonight again are we". Oh yeah, I forgot, the only egg you can get in a garage are deep fried that goes into a nice mush in your breakfast roll! The ones in a box don't count.

I know theres a selection of you now saying "Well Feck off over there so, if things are so crap here". Maybe I'm already looking into it! That said, its not the easiest thing in the world to do. To pack up sticks and leave friends and family behind. Its not as if theres a famine on or anything. To boot, I didnt find any places flogging snack boxes either!

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