Thursday, February 15, 2007

The one with the 500th Post!!!!

Who would have thought the blog would have made it to post 500. Over the next lot of text will be various things from 500 posts of the blog. Enjoy

Friday November 24th 2004:

1st ever update: It works.

Friday November 24th:

Its amazing the trends in the internet. Im not sure how long this whole blog thing has been around, but I seems to be all the craze recently. My attention was first drawn to blogging by me ol mucker Des Bishop.

So its nearly 15 minutes to 3 in the morning, you'd think Id have far better things to be doing. Like what you say, maybe watching the Cosby show on Paramount. In between furious flicking between the babecast things of this world. If I was still living with my parents, no doubt me good ol mother would be roaring at me to go to bed. Well since Ive moved into the new house things have been I finally got my dream of a dedicated Cinema in my house, my american style fridge freezer and an office. In fairness, my partner has alot to put up with.

I enjoyed the show tonight, in particular ringing some BBQ joint in Alabama and using Cork Slang to communicate. Needless to say the alabamians thought it was some fella speaking Spanish. As most of the older folks would say "Ahh sure God Love em"

On my old site I used to update the Late N' Live Top 5. From now on in you can get that here.

Late N Live Top 5 signs your partner is having an affair on the computer (11/11/04)

5 – Lipstick on the mouse

4 – The thing that’s stuck in your printer is a pair of boxer shorts

3 – You stick to the keyboard

2 – Monitor is fogged up every morning

1 – More pop ups than usual

Theres a copy of Halo 2 sitting in my Xbox since this afternoon. Honestly, Im not too impressed. I might put in a good session of it tomorrow. Finding Neverland is also calling me to go to the flicks. Ive a tough life. Ahhhhhh sure God love ya.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Morning all, afternoon even. 5am I crawled into bed this morning, too much late night TV. Sometimes it can be difficult to wind down after the show, some nights more than others. Simply due to an ol adrenaline buzz, and your ability to watch absoulte shite on the tv is certainly an impressive feat. Still no broadband, just as well as Ill get even less sleep then.

Colin Devlin (from the Devlins) was on the show last night among others and I have to say that their song for Bulmers is etched into my brain like a bust etch a sketch. Declan O Rourke was also in and around the station last night, he was on the show last week. Seriously talented guy and a sound bloke as well.

My cold still hasnt cleared up, it seems to be getting better but its very annoying. Whatever about the dribbling snot its the lack of taste I cant stand. In a bizarre turn of events in my web surfing I came across a calendar thats out in 2005. I think the pic says its all
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Late N Live Top 5 signs your playing to many video games (17/11/04)

5 – You have a selection of fake IDS to buy the over 18s titles

4 – Your excuse for swallowing pills is “Pacman does it”

3 – You’ve got permanent joypad rash

2 – Everytime you fight or crash the car you check to see how many lives you’ve got left

1 – You’ve robbed a copy of the new Grand Theft Auto game

Anyways Halo2 is calling me. Laters

Monday, November 29, 2004

Late N' Live Top 5 Updates

Late N Live Top 5 TV show warnings (22/11/04)

5 – Friends ReRuns “Chances are you’ve seen this one already.

4 – The Late Late “Warning the program you are about to watch features a cardboard host. Please do not change the channel, hes been like that for years

3 – Tubridy Tonight “If you want real guests we suggest you do not watch this program”

2 – Im a celbrity get me out of here “Warning these are not real celebritys”

1 – Coverage from the Dail “What you are about to see are not actors, but real life cowboys!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Week

Well we're all into the final countdown to Christmas. Do people actually give a shit about it anymore...oh you dont, OK. Its my first Xmas in the new house and its supposed to be fun, people tell me. Well there aint no dancing clowns crashing through the window. So far its a hassle to get a turkey thats not the size of a small hippo. I must admit it doesnt feel like Christmas at all at all. Then again what is Christmas supposed to feel like. Santy Claus methinks!!! and thats it. Although we bought one of the Santa Pet suits for the dog. It looks cool, but hes shitless when its on.

We're trying to nail down alot on the show for our final week before we take a few days off. Santa WILL arrive this week on the show and you dont want to miss that, and of course we will be having the second celebrity christmas throughout the week. You'll never know who might drop by.

My christmas shopping is 47% done (dont ask how I got 47%) and the only chance Im going to get to do the rest of it is Xmas eve. Great no lie in this Friday. Im planning on being in town by 9am and out of it by 11am. Most of the stores say they'll close by 5.30 / 6, but by that time some of the staff are shagging each other on the counter and are closed up. So get in there early. My plans for the Christmas day are to visit the families in the morning and be home by 11 ish and cook up the turkey and whatever else. Stuffed by 3 and constipated by 3.15. Of course the other christmas day tradition is to watch shit loads of TV. Well there is SHIT loads on alright. Nothing much. A day of Jamie Oliver on UK Food. Might be good for an hour. Hopefully he'll be cooking a turkey. Then by 7pm its time for a turkey sandwich, great!

Monday, January 31, 2005

That Top 5 update wasnt too painfull. So what have I been up to, I hear one person at the back ask. Just been busy with "things" really. I did manage to see 3 amazing movies, The Aviator, Ray and House of Flying Daggers. The House of Flying Daggers has become one of my all time favourite movies, simply brilliant. Ive always been a fan of Asian cinema, granted they've been sporadic delvings in the last few years. Check it out if you can, sure its subtitled but who gives a toss.

From a show perspective we seem to be off to a flying start for 05. Just from listener reaction alone, we're rocking. Ive had very positive feedback from various other sources too. Hopefully we should have a few more bits going into the show in the next week or so........mainly a quiz of kinds. I feel our movie roulette wheel has run its course for a while, plus we lost one of the CDs!

Im looking forward to the opening of Mahon point, its something that Cork greatly needed. Im a bit disappointed not to see one of the big English electric stores going into the retail park. Limerick have them, why cant Cork? All in all though it sounds great. Im curious to know how long the hot dogs and the cheesy nachos will last in the new cinema there. They've never lasted in any other cinema in Cork from what I remember. What am I like, worried about cinema food...jesus!

Righto, out the gap.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Well then, Im at it again. No not that; but a severe lack of updates. I do apologise to my 2 readers or was that 3. I have an excuse, Im extremely busy with the show. Cough Cough. Seriosuly though we're about 75% done on our Star Wars Special which will blow your minds. Well not literally but there is a very impressive list of interviewees, which Im not going to reveal. Its going to cover various aspects of the Star Wars universe from the actors, to the special fx guys and to a certain someone else who has made so much of it come together. It will air the week of the launch of Episode 3, more than likely on the 17th of May.

Thats it really, the sun is breaking stones outside the window so I should really be out doing all things domestic like cutting the grass. Ill have to have a think about that one.

Enjoy the bank holiday and for feck sake, be careful

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well Im still missing what feels like, a third of one of my back teeth. I have the occasional drool and a minute lisp, but no matter what I tell myself, I will still have to go to the dentist. As a matter of fact its going to be tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

The mother in law (to be,almost) came for a visit today.....always good fun. The fish are rockin' now. Im about to finish book 3 of Frank Millers Sin City and its a helluva read. Roll on the screening Im going to on Thursday morning.

For the first time since we moved in, I came home last night and went straight to bed, due to the dizziness and weird pains in my head. 13 hours later, I was feeling a bit better. All tooth related no doubt or should that be, as per yesterdays post...fuckin popcorn!!!!

I have to start organising for Gers birthday in the next day or 2 so thats going to be fun.......not. I hate; well hate is too strong a word, Im not a big fan of this organising due to running out of ideas after 5 years. It has to be done though, it has to be done.

So theres nothing else of mention...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Well another weekend bites the dust. Today as the weather was nice and Im sick shit of cooking I decided we should head out for Sunday lunch. Off to Carrigaline tried 2 places (one being a hotel) and feckin nothing. No food period. To top this off the traffic was mental, so after a visit to Woodies via Belgooly (dont ask) we made KFC. At least we had chicken, granted it wasnt roasted. Saturday night I was left on my tod as herself had some birthday party to go to, so experimenting I went. Rock Shandy and Tia Maria = Vics Liquid Orange Chocolate. The absolute job. Im wondering now if I mixed it with Cidona would I get a toffee apple like cocktail.

Managed to take in Assault on Precint 13 on Friday night as well as nearly dying for stuffeditis from a Chinese. All in all gritty and gorey and that was just the Chinese, the movie was good too. The fish have almost being cleared completley of whitespot, granted theres one more treatment to go tomorrow and thats it then. Big purchase of fish on Friday next.

This is it for today as I can hear the KFC knocking to come out!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Back to the stone that grinds. Ive been up a few hours and after an injection of coffee, things dont seem to bad. Im still suffering the little bit of block when it comes to the monologues and celeb surveys, but Im sure it will pass.

A month on and Im still waiting for a particular supermarket to refund our Laser card. Yet another phone call this morning proved a bit more promising. Only time will tell, and if it doesnt my bad ass stick weilding legal team will be getting medievil on some holes.

The aquarium, feck tank (aquarium sounds like Im charging to get it in, and we have this underwater tunnell with a great white chewing on the glass) is doing fine. All 6 fish have survived since the weekend and are eating and doing what fish do. Im looking forward to filling it up with more fish, but a week or 2 will have to go by before then.

I sat down to watch Chasing Amy last night as for some reason, I convinced myself I never ever saw it before. Of course I did, but we left it on none the less. Great ol movie. Kevin Smith could well be Jesus reincarnated. Cmon, hes got the beard and a kind of modern Jesus style hair do. After a few glasses of Tia Maria, twas time for bed but of course the lure of the PC took me away from that. 2 hours and a load of porn later Im in bed going through my twisting and turning.

Im feel the need now for more twisting and turning, looks like the Sunday dinner is looking to depart!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Well Cork Talks Star Wars went off like the death star last night. We were swamped with people trying to win some of the goodies we had on offer and I think everyone really enjoyed the 2 hour special. Some people told me they were really pumped about the movie after the special and were off to watch Attack of the Clones again.

Personally, I drove home on a high after tipping my hat to George Lucas for 2 hours and opened a bottle of wine or 3. Today I am the ripe oul age of 29 and as usual I couldnt care less about my Birthday. Sure they'll be dinners and presents later on, which I really appreciate but tis just another ol (der) day. Im off for a few days, back on the air on Monday night and from what I understand my Rick McCallum interview will be featured in Hotpress this Friday.

Peace out

Saturday, June 25, 2005

B 2 N

Week of hell over, another one not to far away from beginning. We had a week of minding the inlaws puppy. Jesus Christ, never and I mean never have I heard anything whinge and bark so fucking much. To be honest, one of the few things I cant tolerate is a dog, puppy or otherwise, barking non stop until its hoarse. Who knows what the neighbours think, fuck em, I dont. Ill regret saying that I know. The pup came with a little dog house and now hes locked up in the thing. I couldnt take no more. He goes home tomorrow, yeah Ill miss him, but not the barking. My head is wrecked. Weekends are supposed to be full of relaxation and drinking and so on and so forth.

Been a solid week on the show and one lucky listener won himself a few days aboard one of the tall ships. He sets sail on the 9th of July from Waterford to France. Nice little break. Not sure how he gets back though :). I cant help but wonder what happens aboard these mammoth vessels each night. Are the crews sex starved maniacs going from cabin to cabin, in search of an open hole, glory or otherwise. Maybe they just sit down and play cards and drink rum all night. Either way its an amazing prize.

Ive had Hotel Rwanda on DVD for about a month now, and we finally got around to watching it. Fantastic movie, really makes you think. As I keep saying to the missus, theres alot lot more to film than big budgets and special effects.

So thats it, Im sitting here alone of a Saturday night. Herself is gone out to a girlie night, with only one other girl. Not sure what thats about. Im debating in my mind whether or not to go watch the Asasination of Richard Nixon or just surf the net aimlessly for hours. At the moment neither is appealing. Maybe I should finish off the bottle of Tia Maria.....................or maybe not...........or maybe..................

For those of you that are reading this on a Saturday night, rejoice we're as sad as each other :)

Thursday June 16th

I get up later than usual. 45 minutes later than usual. I go down feed the fish, choke down some toast and bust out the Word. For the best part Im finished writing for the show, there are a few touch ups to do but its the last day of the week. They can wait. Well until this blog is updated anyway. I should have been staggering out of Batman Begins by now but I just couldnt get out of bed, even though I did open my eyes briefly at 10am. Im still toying with the idea of going to see it @ 2pm.

Joe Rooney was on last night. Joe is one of my favourite guests, even though this was only his second appearance. Hes @ the Comedy club this weekend and hes incredibly funny. Granted I had to hit the delay last night once or twice. Otherwise the parish priest would be knocking at my door by now. Im sure most of you will be wise to who Joe is, but for those of you that arent...1 word Kilnaskully..well 2 words so...shit...Timmy (word 1)....Kilnaskully (Word 2, for those of you that are counting, bastards)

And as usual we had a bit of agro last night on air regarding the availabilty of condoms for teenagers. I think they should be freely avaiable, or even at least in schools. Anyway Im not getting onto my soapbox here, I tried that last night. Good radio though, as alot of people thought. Speaking of good radio, some guy called in to let us know that the best piece of radio he ever heard was...when I called Cedars Cini and asked the speak to Michael Jackson, where I was told he had checked out. This was the big hullabaloo when he went into hospital during the trial. So thanks for that, whoever you were. God Bless yer memory.

Its great hearing some of the most memorable holiday experiences for our WKD Beach party giveaway. In particular, last night where a woman (in her mid 40s maybe) rang in to tell me about her "carry on" on a beach in Spain or somewhere. The words big white arse were mentioned. Maybe Im wrong, but I could swear I was remotely excited about this. If my better half is reading this, its not true...Im only writing it to make me sound like a big man to the other 2 readers of this thing.

I think Im going to see the Bat now, so laters

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Before I get going, Ive noticed a few comments or 3 on the blog. If enough of you let me know that you want a forum then Ill get on the case. If not, feck it!

Anyways, holiday time is here again. No sunshine trips for me. Nah, just going to take it easy and to be honest Im only using up holiday time anyway. After endless of hours of fucking around I finally updated my PSP and as you've seen from a previous post, its online. As of tonight, Ive finished Ridge Racers. Break out the bloody champagne! Summer, well its officially Autumn in a few hours, always brings out the crazyiness in drinks companies. Fanta Green? 7-UP Ice, I shit you not. The 7-UP Ice wasnt bad, but as for the concoction that made up Fanta Green (Lemon, Apple and Lime) that run through me faster than Ben Johnsons steriod breaking world record. Im a sucker for trying these new things...and sure what!

Im going to head off the see Charlie and The Chocoalte factory later on and then home to bed....possibly. Ill begin the rock n roll holiday lifestyle on Monday. Hang on, thats a bank holiday. Best wait till Tuesday then.

Although I will have to hit the work place tomorrow for a weeeeeee while to get some bits done. Other than that its plain sailing of doing absolutely nothing.

I arrived in the Brog Thursday night post show, and for the first time ever I was absolutely shattered and more or less went in to turn. Post Brog visit called for a breast in a bun and to be honest it tasted like some body blew their load in it, or maybe twas the mircowaving when I came home.

I dont know if there were any of the readers there, but I announced the screening of The Perfect Catch on Thursday @ Mahon Point. All went well, not as full as I thought it would be. It rained packets of sweets for a good 4 minutes, Im sure I took someones eye out. So thats it, time to put on my cinema going clothes!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

The weekend of dog sitting and shitting is nearly over..thank god. Anyone want to clean up dog shit for a day. Im really intolerant these days. All I can hear in the background is bark, bark, bark, fuckin bark. Im a grumpy so and so.

Im up early and the monologue flows like a laxative, as does the top 5. Its a good day. For those of you that might have missed it, theres a brand new movie coming to Cork cinemas in August. Its called The Fantastic Whore. I played the trailer last night, and will more than likely lash it out again be warned. Im still reeling at how bad The Fantastic Four movie was. Roll on Wonka this weekend. I know it was promised last week but some of the newer bits for the show should hopefully, be on air this week. More than likely the first one to kick things off will be "Just Junk, or is it?" where I'll be taking a look at Ebay in the only way that I can. As well as that we have a nice little "slew" of high profilers who will hopefully be in the show this week as well. Im toying with the idea of hosting audio on the site as well. If theres enough people interested, maybe I will.

Some of you (alright, probably none of you) will remember I bought a PSP a while back. Well its being gathering dust for the last month or so. Its been dusted down over the weekend and is keeping me off the streets for a while. It might have something to do with the fact that from Wednesday, I can update the thing to go online wirelessly.

From Sunday on Im going to be on a weeks holidays and Im going to be doing absolutely nathin!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

After much anticipation, the legend that is Rip Taylor made it on the show last night. Again I say legend, great interview and lots and lots of fun. Hope ya enjoyed it!
The Dukes of Hazzard opens on Friday so check Rip out in the movie. Its been a slow day so far. Not much happening news wise in the way of the monologues.

The Rose of Tralee has finished and alls that left now is some mad Americans wandering around Tralee. No doubt telling everyone that they're related to the irish by means of their great grand uncle named Dinny Byrne, who once recieved a letter from someone who claimed to be irish which was delievered by Irish carrier pigeon.

For those of you driving around the Dunkettle area I do sympathise. I got caught there last night for around 30 minutes. I wouldnt mind but theres one of these big ass signs up that say Road Works until February 2006. For feck sake, Feb 2006. It wouldnt be so bad if it said Road Works until Friday or even if that sign started reading out jokes. I dont know something along the lines of "Drive slowly, because trust us, you dont want him to rear end you. We've seen him on the cameras!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another week is here, hip hip hor-feckin-ray. Not much going on today to be honest, feeling a bit groggy for some reason. Must have been that pot noodle at 2 this morning. For the wrestling fans out there, I hope you didnt miss King Harley Race last night. It was a real last minute booking (see keeping with the rasslin lingo) and at times he was playing the heel card (even more rasslin speak). I was honored though to talk to such a legend as Harley. Harley is old school, and things got off to a rollickin shit start when his actual WWE bio that I had was wrong. Yeah, I picked up his bio on and some of the stats were incorrect on it. So Harley took great pleasure in pointing out the correct version.

Tis nice to see the ould sunshine make an appearance again today. Im so thrilled Ive picked the scab off me leg and donned a pair of shorts. Thank christ the neighbours are on holidays. Danny The Dog (Or Unleashed as its called here) arrived yesterday, and being a big Jet Li fan I was not disappointed. Jet actually acts at times in this flick, but the fight scenes. Christ almighty are they brutal. The last time I saw fights so violent was the time I saw a fella go head first through the window of Burgerland on Oliver Plunkett St, back in the day. So check it out, its released this week I do believe.

So thats it, but keep in mind a certain Playboy may be on with us in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot (Sorry I know most of you were happy to coming to the end of todays bullshit). Era feck it, Ill do it tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

After a long week off (believe me it was long) I came back on air last night. What a relief. It beats doing the house work anyway!

Late N Live Top 5 things I done over my holidays (8/8/05)

5 – Snuck back into the station in the middle of the night to steal coffee and bog roll

4 – Rang RTE and thanked them for putting my tv licence money to good use

3 – Stopped wearing pants

2 – Shot a photographer at a party hosted by Britney Spears

1 – Like everyone else, Paris Hilton

At this point hes fucked off to lunch (Ed)

Right, back from lunch and what a shit lunch it was too. Well hold on, maybe shit is too strong a word. I do like to eat out (ladies take note) from time to time and today we decided to go off for a lunch. Burger didnt taste like beef to me, more like deep fried pony. Of course deep fried pony is a delicacy in some countries....isnt it? With a nice side of an army of ants and crying bloody kids, it was a wonderful dining experience. Seriously though, I can appreciate parents have to go out for lunch from time to time and bring the little carpet crawlers, but for christs sake...shut them up. Or there should be a special section for them or something. So now thats my (un)interesting tale for today.

So thats it for today kids, but now a special treat. The following may or may not be used later on in the show

I read today that Michael Jackson flew a Ferrari to Bahrain. I know a lot of you listeing think hes crazy but cmon, if the guy can fly a Ferrari out to Bahrain give him so credit. I mean howd he get the wings on?

Chances are its the funniest thing Ive written all year, so no doubt it will make an appearance!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Finally I get around to updating. Just couldnt fit it in yesterday, or some bullshit like that! We got a pretty good response last night to finding love online with 75% of people having a good experience. Twas certainly an eye opener, or a mouse clicker! Just a quick few snippets from last night!

Late N Live Top 5 things overheard at the Asthon Kutcher and Demi Moore wedding (26/9/05)

5 – Maybe Im wrong, but isnt that Victor Barry over there, getting kicked out

4 – I know her son is getting married but will the Moore women ever just stop crying

3 – So this would make Asthon Bruces son in law would it?

2 – Mother and son married, there gonna have some freaky kids

1 – Do you Asthon take your mother

The Asthon Kutcher and Demi Moore wedding was a low quay affair and Demi was crying through out the whole ceremony. Well, what do you expect. Her eldest son was getting married

THE Progressive Democrats have gone to outer space to preach their election manifesto, with Mary Harney battling as a Jedi knight against Darth Maul Pat Rabbitte in an innovative new leaflet being distributed to third level students this week. Ya know I never pictured Mary as a Jedi Knight…but more of a Jabba the Hutt.

v:shapes="_x0000_i1026">The newest season of American Chopper kicked off last night on Discovery, so it was +d. Came home around 1, watched one episode, Chris Rock on Leno, Corrie and I made some plain awful sandwiches. Im sure some of you will know Im a huge fan of American Chopper and find it one of the most enjoyable programs on the TV at the moment. Ive been watching it since the get go, and have never got bored with it.

I must also say well done to, to very close friends Dave and Joanne who had a bouncing baby boy this morning at around 11am. Its great news! So what else is going on, well I started hitting my latest project (which is going to hopefully be revealed very soon) yesterday with a bag of nails and pens. It took alot more time than I thought.

PPI Radio Awards (Irish Radio Oscars) are almost here. The shortlist of nominations will be announced sometime next week I would imagine and the the ceremony (!) itself will take place later on in the month. Im in 2 categories, Documentary and Spoken Word programme. Cork Talks Star Wars and Cork Talks Back. Heres hoping at least one will make the short list! Anyway, thats it. Oh yeah, Im also thinking of reintroducing the forums on the site, so keep yer eyes peeled!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

F You

Well, nearly a week on Ive finally got a few minutes to update this. Down to business, at the moment I think the price of a pound of butter is absolutely over the top. Id nearly buy a cow and make me own. Yeah, thats it, one of those talking cows on tv. Ebay here I come.

Right "Fuck You Asshole" echoed around the city and county last week. It richoched from New York to LA if the emails I got were anything to go by. In hindsight, it wasnt the most professional thing to do. Granted I did announce that I was throwing the professionalism out the window. Why did it happen, simple! For once I let a guest get the better of me and the temper just reached critical mass. I have a pretty short fuse off the air, but never before on the air. Shit happens I guess. Again, Im not making excuses, and for anyone that got offended I apologise again. I have to say I really appreciated the extremely large quantity of texts, emails and even voicemails left on our 1850 number. Those words are something that every caller wanted to say over 2 nights, but had the decency not to lower to yer mans level. Maybe people like him only understand one level, the gutter level. Some people were wondering did I get into trouble, yes to a point. I had a few chats, shall we say. But the postive fair outweighs the negative in all of this. I was at a wedding on Friday last and it was the talk of the whole thing. As we were leaving the wedding, a guy came up to me and asked me was I Victor Barry from Red FM, to which I replied yes. He said "Thanks for standing up for the northside" which again was a very nice comment! So there, I dont know what people were expecting me to say about Fuckgate (!) on here. There have been more hits than usual to the blog since Fuckgate. Maybe people were expecting me to write some mad, delierious, losing my mind shit. Not this time, that happened years ago!

Right so, the blog shall hopefully return to normal updates (again!!!!) from now on in. Other than that, all is good. Im about to preorder the Xbox 360 over the next day or so. Ill keep you posted!!!


Monday, November 07, 2005

Is there much point apologising, for the delay in updating. Probably not! To those of you whos lives were deeply affected by this delay, I do apologise. Its been another busy ol week. Obviously with Risteard on holidays for a few days, theres alot more to do. I got to take in Broken Flowers over the weekend. Nice film, enjoyable and of course it has Bill Murray....not to mention a bit of nudity. I quote from a friend of mine who said "I was in the cinema with me oul doll boy, and when the lolita one came out in the buff, I nearly blow me load in me pants" Its a true quote, but I wont go naming and shaming.

Every year I get excited about a few movies. This year has been Star Wars Episode III, War of the Worlds and something that makes Christmas worth while...Peter Jacksons King Kong. I dont know how many times Ive watched the new trailer, but it is bordering on sad. It does look spectacular and Im hoping they'll be some preview in Dublin before it comes out, ala Star Wars 3. Whatever about the big gorilla, we havent had dinosaurs running around eating and trampelling since Speilberg brough them to life with the Jurassic Park trilogy. I guess Im a sucker for big special effects movies.

Im also remotely thrilled that ITV4 has gone up on Sky. For the first time in years, The Late Show with David Letterman will be back on Irish TV. Writing this Im thinking to myself "God what kind of Sad bastard are ya". Keeping with TV, my Sopranos addiction is growing stronger. I ordered the first 3 seasons on DVD from Australia, and postal strike depending they should be here during the week.

Ive had a couple of emails regarding and its back up and running as of this morning. The domain was just being renewed. Im also finished Blockbuster, very good book all about! Granted the type was a bit hard on the eyes. As soon as thats finished, Ive got Heres Johnny to get through!

So thats it, back to the grind stone...the Top 5 has yet to be wrote and the dishwasher must be unloaded. The joys of it!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Well kids everywhere are shitting themselves about now. Town is closing down, parents are trying the get the little feckers home. 4 or 5 hours from now they'll be hitting the oul leaba and trying to get to sleep. Which of course they cant. But as the magic of Christmas happens, they'll wake up without ever thinking they fell asleep. The last 2 days, Ive been in a very festive mood. The comments on the blog really helped the mood along. I was going to do a Twas the night before Christmas, but I cant be arsed to be honest! So to fill that void, heres a few bits from the last show of the year

Late N Live Top 5 ways, I Vic, will be enjoying the Xmas holidays (22/12/05)

5 – Making tough decisions like Blue Stratos, Old Spice or Hi Karate

4 – Christmas morning is the one day a year I manage to get up

3 – Sitting down with a glass of wine…staring in the neighbors bedroom window

2 – Wondering if the P45 I got at the Xmas party was a joke

1 – Ill be driving around sampling the Xmas spirit at Gate 6 in the airport

Does anyone else think Xmas is a sexual time of year. Yeah, I know that’s worrying, sounds like something Michael Jackson would say before he busts out a six pack of Jesus juice. But seriously all this talk of stuffing the ass of a plump bird with meat and bread crumbs its worrying isnt it. Guys, just think of all the boxes youll have to unwrap over the Xmas holidays. Some of you will be opening 10+ boxes on Christmas morning alone, and to that I salute you.

Does anybody else enjoy relatives coming for Xmas dinner. Its great isnt it. People you only see at funerals and the occasional wedding turn up on your door Xmas morning. Which is a right pain if you’re a kid. Your trying to open your presents and Aunty Bridy is moaning about her next door neighbour, the price of bread…..or her piles. Then the actual dinner is another ordeal, they all seem to pick at the mountain of a dinner that your mother spent the last 3 days trying to get ready, and their moaning that the brussel sprouts are too hard, the spuds are lumpy and the turkeys too dry. What is it with this whole the Turkeys very dry. It’s a meat, its supposed to be dry. God, just lick the damn thing to moisten it up or dip it in your glass of water. Then when the dinner is over and done with, they all crawl into the front room, light the fire and gradually all fall asleep. Then aunty bridy wakes up and tries to tell you about her next door neighbor, the price of bread…or her piles.

Ya gotta love the oul Aunty Bridy! As it stands right now, herself is in town with her Dad and sister. Ive got the bits and pieces wrapped. I have six discs left to watch out of the Sopranos season 4 and 5. The fridge and cupboards are full of junk and drink. Well the drink is in the fridge. Wedding Crashers, Tim Burtons Nightmare before Xmas, The Island, Cinderella man, King Kong production diaries and something else are all on the schedule over the next few days. Im promising myself to stay away from the net and work..although I do have to work for a small bit on Tuesday. So I think thats about it folks.

If anyone gets an Xbox360 me gamertag is vicbarry. Ill be project gotahmin' it over the holidays, so look me up.

On a final note, thank YOU for reading this piece of drivel. I do apoligise about the lack of updates recently, but that should return to normal in 06 (Yeah, I know Ive said that before). Hope Santy squeezes his big fat hole down yer chimneys and fills up all yer stockings.....with presents. One last thank you, and that goes to YOU for listening to the show in 2005. I hope youll join me again from January 3rd 2006.
Be safe and careful this holiday season and have a great time!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Before I start rambling, I want to address some of the comments that appeared on the blog!

AHHHH VIC seattle havent won the a superbowl ever. the steelers have soooofeck off from seattle, thats my team....if they lose i'm coming after you....
Well If Im backing them at this late stage, then start putting the rusty nails in the plank of wood!!!!!

Vic, who was the tool on last night, about hash. I was working the late shift last night nad we couldnt stop breaking our ass laffing when he started insulting you when his argument was going nowhere. None of us could understand why he went nuts, probably the drugs, but you asked him a simple question to make his point that he didnt make in the first place because yer one was talking. What a fucking ghoul. Well done bud, great show!

Hash fries brains, that was evident last night!Question for ya Vic, how do you keep your head in a situation like that? He was completley out of line. He sounded like a fool when he just hung up!
Thanks! Ill talk about the last 2 comments down below

Last nights show was good, but where the insults and bedlam came from I really have no idea! Luke is always a good guest and gets quite argumentitive and he has a strong passion about his beliefs. But last night, as alot of people said, he let the side down. From time to time when someone on the other of the phone hangs up its usually for one reason and one reason only. Im sure you can put 2 and 2 together! For the record last night was not an interview, but a debate. So if people want to get involved in the debate and call in, then there more than welcome to. Thats why the show is called Cork Talks Back. How do I keep my head? Id like to say Im a true professional! But Im not really, as I can get a bit too excited from time to time. Shouting down to someone on the phone never works, and as the insults starting coming it was quite obvious to me he was going to hang up! So thanks for all the support with the texts, calls and emails last night :)

Moving onto other things, the joys of the Sky+ series link. I forgot to tape Des Bishops Joy in the Hood last night, but the wonderful series link kicked in. Another good show, but for some reason it didnt get me laughing as much as the other 2, and in particular the ballymun episode! Either way, Des is doing great and fair play to him, like! The Orange County Choppers boys arrived in Cork on last nights episode of American Chopper. Very funny to see the lads sucking up the Blarney Stone!

The health kick is lasting. Its into its third week now, although last night I crashed and burned again when I came home. Seems to be about once a week I feck it up! Overall its going well enough.

Theres been a great response to our Walk the Line screening giveaway, which Ill also be announcing on Feb 1st. More tickets tonight I do believe. We doubled up last night, on the tickets due to been let down by our Monday night Psychic. Its rare it happens, but its the same people have left us down in the past, and last night was the last straw. Psychics are in big demand, apparently and its nigh on impossible to have a back up plan. Tonight though, we should have one, as loads of people were a bit pissed off last night. I apologise, but it was out of our control!

Also, to just give all the Xbox 360 owners out there a heads up, I think we will be giving away one of the most awaited fighting games on the 360 really soon. So stay tuned, and yes your right, its the one with the bouncing tits!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I know this has started becoming a weekly update of late, I do apologise to all of you reading it...3 at least! I promise to do a bit more!

Firstly congratulations to Jonathan Rhys Myers on picking up a golden globe!


Comiserations to Cillian Murphy, who I really feel should have picked up a GG for Breakfast on Pluto. Roll on the Oscar nomination, for both of them!

Before we rolled onto the Monday night Psychic last night, texts and calls started trickling in regarding Des Bishops Joy in the Hood and about the portrayal of the Northside. I know other talk shows have covered this to death this morning, but we cant ignore it. As Ive said the show is called Cork Talks Back! I Sky +d it and when I finally got home, I took a gary at it. I think the Ballymun version was better, and I found it hard going after the girl pulled out! No disrepect to any of the performers they did a good job, and it takes alot to get up in front of a microphone especially with a TV crew in front of you. The burnt out cars scenario is a bit out of date at this stage though. I know Des since the Triskel days (I even filmed an entire Des gig there at one stage )and he was a regular on the show. Then we started losing touch and I havent talked to him in quite some time, but I really dont think hes trying to cash in on the under priviledged areas. I feel in his heart, hes trying to do the right thing. Whether or not its working is another thing! So, we'll see what happens tonight.

My new healthy outlook (cough cough) is going good. Not great, but good. No shit food, no fizzy drinks until last night. I fell at the Hillbillies hurdle, after a mate rang after the show wondering was I hungry. So in I went and the vision of Karl Spain came into my head. "3 meals a day and either the chips or the breast n a bun". A full meal deal later I felt guilty as hell, which suprised me to be honest. No breakfast this morning as punishment! The dog doesnt know what the fecks going on, as Im walkng his hole every day now. Well for the last 2 days anyway. Going to try and keep it up! Ill have to buy an mp3 player or something for musical motivation!

***UPDATE*** Just for the crack I decided to register with Irish Bloggers. At the right hand side by some of the links youll see one for IrishBloggers. If you want, click there and vote for the blog. Sound!

12 pounds of Spaghetti Bolognese

Well, ok maybe not 12 pounds, maybe 5 or 7. My chefs hat came out on Saturday night and the cookfest began. To be honest I left things go to the last minute for alot of it. Her goodself went off to clonmel and I stayed glued to Project Gotham Racing 3 on the 360 for the entire afternoon. Sad! It could have been worse, I could have been wandering the streets looking for trouble. When all was said and done, half a bin liner of food was thrown out. It was quite upsetting, but "Uncle Jack" was there to comfort me.

I +d some thing called Superhomes last night and some guy is flogging the worlds most expensive house. 70 mill, STERLING!. Reminds me, I must ask about a payrise! Bonkers. Im sure some person will buy it and probably make a killing on it. After the NY Giants lost I decided to try and support some other team. So who do I pick, none other than the Carolina Panthers, who got smashed off the field last night! Oh well, go Seahawks for the Superbowl. So with me now supporting them, take it that the Steelers will win. Speaking of winning, the oul Euro Million lotto yoke is heading for big money at the weekend. Its nice to dream, although knowing my luck (as is evident from the NFL) thered me some fecker from every country win the thing.

As its Monday, the Psychic that will be in the hotseat this evening will be Cork psychic Caroline Griffin. I might be wrong, but as far as I know its gonna be her. Shes extremely popular, so book your spot early!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guns N Roses are coming to Ireland at the start of June. I heard rumblings about this a while back, but the confirmation popped into my inbox this morning! Maybe its cheesy but GnR would be always located in my favourite bands ever list! They bring back memories of the oul school days and wearing checkered shirts like kilts, just cos Axl Rose wore em like that! Im sure theres a photo at home of me with long hair and the whole denim and checkered shirt look. Ill have to ask Mammy!

A rather brief discussion on the show about Tv last night caused a slew of texts. As regular readers will know, one of my favourite TV shows, if not the favourite is American Chopper. People wanted to know what my favourite bike is? Juniors Dream Bike is one, but probably my all time favourite OCC bike would be the fire bike. It even stands atop a TV in my office! From the photo, you can see its nearly as big as the real thing!

Todays gonna be a really busy day. I have 2 meetings and a voiceover session ahead of me. Hopefully one of those meetings will give me some really good news about our proposed singles night, that so many people seem to want! From time to time, people send emails wondering what I do during the day etc.etc. So without further hesitation heres a general rundown, for those that care.
Im up around 10.30, might have something resembling a breakfast, check emails, fart around the net for maybe 20 minutes, and by 11 I start on things for the show. Be it those incredibly funner one liners (Modesty goes along way) or the equally funny Top 5 (recall what I said about Modesty) and thats just the start of it. I go through nearly all of the papers online and various other tidbits from loads of other sites. Basically anything that might be good for the show, entertaining or engaging. On a good day I can have all of that done by maybe 2.30 or 3. On a really bad day it can take me up until around 5. Between 3 and 6 its like someone working a 9-5 job for me. They come home and chill out from say 6 to bedtime, well the 3-6 thats my chill time. Although theres plenty of phone calls for the show, so its always go go go. Im usually out at the station by around 6.30, and go through a similar process of getting my day stuff together, going through any prep and having a last garry around the net for anything of interest! We get off the air at midnight, make sure the station goes onto the overnight and stick a promo together for the next day. We can be out the door by around 12.30, but sometimes promos and post show meetings can go on till 1ish at the earliest! Im home some nights by 1 and its a case of coming in, draining the bladder, having something to eat and vegging out in front of the TV till maybe 2 or 3. Then theres more email checking etc.etc. and Im bed for 4 at the very latest! So thats that answered! Any more???

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, another Tuesday arrives. The sun was spliiting the stones earlier, but now it looks like the Apocalypse is about to kick off!

A couple of people wondering what I thought of the bird flu last night. To be honest I dont, at the moment. Although, imagine the scene from "The Birds", the one where the birds are banging at the window. Imagine them with the bird flu. No banging, just floudering around the place, puking their hearts up against the glass! To keep meself occupied, heres a quick Bird Flu "file photo" by yours truly

Anyway, thats all for now. More maybe later!! Way behind today :(

Not dead yet!

Back to work last night, and again my voice was in tatters after 2 hours. This time round was probably the worst ever and by the time I got off the air, I could barely manage anything above a whisper. So after a week of suffering (!) I finally give up and go to the doctor. Im stuck in a waiting room for nearly an hour and a half. After the first 30 minutes, people are giving up so I figure Ill get in sooner rather than later by default. Then some old dear comes in and starts having a really loud conversation with the poor sod next to her. Well conversation is too mild a word. She seemed to be giving a lecture. Her "Well, Ive been to 5 funerals since January and if anyone else dies I may as well just go and stare at the graveyard" line was priceless. All she needed was a microphone. That grated on me, crying babies managled my brain and I eventually get in, get told its nasty, protect my voice and take shit loads of antibiotics. So after a quick remortgage of the house, I have my prescription, the Docs been paid and I have to stay out of work for a few days. I should hopefully be back by Sunday.

I hate taking time off from the show. I worked through a flu in January for the best part, and worked with this virus for over a week. I have no choice. If I keep going, my throat will explode or something! So thats that Im afraid!

An update on a Sunday

If Im writing this on a Sunday it means one of 2 things. Im either bored, or I wont be updating it for months. Slightly bored, if truth be told and the fact that Im not on air tonight assists in that as well. So a little later on, tune in for some of the best bits of Cork Talks Back. Sundays are a funny ol day. Right about now, theres plenty of people running around the house, not this house but other houses. The women are looking for the right hat, the men looking for the right tie and the children hiding under the bed not wanting to go. Yes, Sunday mass is here again, in about 15 minutes for the 11 service. Im not taking on the religious crew again, particuarly after my recent scare, but I can remember the Sunday morning routine, with the hiding, the crying and the bribing. You know the style of bribing that a 9 year old can produce. "Ill clean my room every day, 300 hundred times a day for the next million years if we dont go to mass this morning." Then, the local church decided to do Saturday night mass, and that was a whole different ball game. As far as I was concerned, Saturday nights were always going to be ruined. Mass and that was it! When things start growing and hair comes out of places that you think it shouldnt, going to Mass on a Saturday night was the place to go, for a teenager who wasnt allowed outside the door.

Those were the days, I would don my dads leather jacket, a shirt, a pants and slick back my then, long hair. I would adpot a position at the back of the church, much to my mothers disappointment, like a holier than thou version of the Fonz. Remember I had the leather jacket! Back in those days, the church going talent was savage. Did I ever pull? during the service, nah. Nope. Never. It wasnt from the fact of trying. Now that I think about it, there was always a really good looking girl, who would stand at the back of the church, close enough to smell my dads Old Spice...or on really special occasions Brut! Being inexperienced with females at the time, I didnt see the signs, let alone read them. She was older, more experienced and was allowed to go out in town. I, on the other hand was younger, stupid and wasnt allowed to go out on the main road. She looked as bored as I did, at the back of that church. Not that I could do anything about that. So maybe the church does bring people together, but as per usual Im the exception. Still though, the Old Spice, the slicked back hair AND the leather jacket have more than likely been etched in her mind, forever.

Being off the air of a Sunday night, is quite a bizarre feeling. Its like a Lion going up to a Zebra and asking for a cup of sugar, instead of ripping its stomach out through its arse. Sunday is now an official lazy day when Im not on the air. No prep, no writing, no nothing for me to do. Come to think of it, I should be still in bed, but the times Im off the air seem to stir the "Get up early and get bloody value for your day" mood. So the urge to get value for the day is running through my veins. I have this weird thing, if Im not up and out of bed before 11 on a work day, the day is over and I have no free time. Also, for me to be in front of a TV of a Sunday night, has the same bizarreness as the Lion looking for a cup of sugar. It just doesnt happen. So tonight, Ill take in Top Gear.........and that'll be that. Sundays are supposed to be a lazy day anyway, but I cant relax. I was told I have to learn to relax, which is like telling a Lion to ask a Zebra for a cup of sugar. Anyways, Im rambling too much now, so Im out the gap!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Alive and Kicking

2 weeks ago this Wednesday I didnt think Id be around updating this blog, but all is well. The new health kick has kicked in like getting run over by a herd of elephants. Ok, theres been the occasional slip up..make that a few actually. A feed of Lennoxs, KFC and Pizza Hut, not all at once but spread over the last 2 weeks. A few beers and thats about it. Hang on, there was also 2 breakfast rolls and a 2 BBQs. The more I think about it there was Eddie Rockets as well. No before my doctor reads this, in all likely hood he wont, as hes one of the 2 finger typists all this bad eating was the only eating on that day. I have no excuses for the above lapses, but I have been exercising like a guy running away from a herd of really pissed off elephants. Its all about elephants today for some reason. The specialist, didnt mention much about my diet, but more about getting out and exercising. And Ive walked every day for the last 2 weeks, dragging the poor dog behind me. Im trying to keep the stress levels down as well, and with that I have a nice stress pain in hte back of me neck as I type. Maybe its that, back to work blues, as the last week I was off was a week of holidays. To be honest it was a week of recouperating more than anything, a few drives here and there in the new car and that was it!

Anyways, all the juicy bits will come out on tonights show, including why I thought I was dead!
Check it from 9pm!!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

THE update

I have to keep this shortish but before I explain what happened, thank you all so very much for all the get well texts, emails and calls over the last few days!

Last Wednesday is a day that I will never ever, ever, EVER forget! I woke up at around 8am with an almighty crushing, heavy pain in the middle of my chest. After a few seconds, I felt I was in serious trouble. As a matter of fact I thought I was going to die! Ger woke up and sprang into action and convinced me to go to hospital. Yes, I needed convincing. All I wanted was to see a doctor. She rang my parents, and my Dad came with us. I ended up in the South Infirmary by around 8:45, with no color in me, the pain still ripping through me and out of breath. Throughout the journey to the hospital it felt as if my life was flashing before my eyes, again I was still in the mindset that I was dying. I kept thinking what will happen to Ger, my parents, the house even the dog if I kick the bucket. By around lunchtime the doctors had advised me to stay in for a few days, and against their advice I signed myself out much to everyones disapointment. I went to see my own GP that night, as advised and he was none too happy. He wanted me to get admitted, but again I refused. I had to go for a Stress Test this morning which was one of the most uncomfortable experiences Ive had in some time. I wouldnt be known for running many marathons and the treadmill getting steeper and faster every 3 minutes, completely left me shattered. Thankfully my heart has got the ok since this morning. I may still have to get more tests, including a camera into the gob, but my heart is fine.

Personally, I feel absolutely shagged. Its been a draining week. My holidays kick off from the show this Thursday, and after arguing (again) with the head honchos at the station about coming back to work tonight, they convinced me to stay the "Fuck out of the place". While I greatly appreciate the sentiment, that show means a helluva lot and as some of you know, I despise taking holidays. Either way, Im not going to back on the air until the 17th of July. Im keeping away from the PC, started exercising, watching the diet, not getting stressed out as a matter of fact, its a whole new life from now on in. I have no choice, simple as that. Last Wednesday was a wake up call from a severley pissed off bull elephant. So thats me done. Again my sincere thanks to all the staff at the South Infirmary, some of them were even fans of the show! My sincere thanks to Ger and my parents, the only loves of my life. My thanks to Dave Mac for filling in, I know its tough. My thanks to Don and Eimear for producing. My thanks to Colm for everything. Seriously folks, thank you all so, so, so much for all the kind words and wishes, it means so much and has helped put a major smile on my face!

Thank YOU!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last one of the week

RedFM Blogs

I cant believe how fast this week has gone. We're all gone blogging mad, so make sure you check out the links at the side for some serious RedFM Bloggin action! Who knows what you'll find out. Some of it may even make you cry! Absolutley savage show last night, if I do say so myself. Up the walls busy!

One of the topics was "Does TV encourage teens to have underage sex". Personally I dont buy into it. If theres something dodgy on after 9pm and some 12 year old is watching it, then its the parents fault. Its as simple as that! Its the exact same as the idiotic parents who allow there 12 year olds to watch an 18s flick. I do accept that some 18s flicks are nothing but violence and bad language, but theres a reason that little Johnny wont be let into an 18s movie at the flick house.When I was growing up I used to have a TV in my bedroom, which was set up for the southcoast tv thing! Anytime there was anything dodgy, one of the parents were out to the room wondering what I was watching. So any filth watching for the night was abandoned. As most of you will agree, the male of the species are horny period! Sure there was nights that I probably escaped with getting to see a pair of boobs on the TV, but I never decided "Right Im off out to have sex" One thing that did stick in my mind was a documentary about AIDS! That planted the whole "protect yourself before you wreck yourself" attitude in me little brain. It worked. Never had an STI! Teenagers are naturally curious, christ we all were and it really grind my gears when I hear parents avoiding the birds and the bees talk! Armed with a bit of knowledge teenagers are sorted! Maybe some parents are living in the land where babies are delivered by storks!

One of our callers on Tuesday night was invited out to try a blind food test last night. Basically she would only shop in Marks and Sparks and had, as far as I was concerned a certain snobby air about her. Well she arrived last night, and we fed her. Olives, Bread, Ceral, Coffee and Crackers. Everyday food. Admittingly it was a bit bizarre staring at someones face while they ate and ate. She thought all the items had either been purchased from The English Market or Marks. Risteard arrived in with 2 lots of reciepts, and its a pity we're not on the TV because the look on her face was priceless. Everything she ate and drank had been from Lidl and Aldi. The amount of texts that came in were huge. As one listener txt in "The nile isnt just a river in Egypt"

Last night in between everything else I managed to play 2 tracks off GMC's new album "Diggin a Hole". The plan is to play 1 or 2 more this evening. Its been on in the car for the last few days and its really rockin stuff. Great to see another Cork guy enter into the legends of Cork music!

My copy of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the Xbox 360 arrived yesterday. I havent had a great deal of time to get into it, but first impressions are Wow. Its hard but really immersive! Hopefully over the weekend Ill squeeze in some serious Recon action! The Blazing Angels demo has also gone up on Xbox Live and its a 600mb+ download but its worth it. Really playable!

Nice wan for dropping by

Thursday, April 20, 2006

By now Im sure Tom Cruise has eaten some placenta. Whether or not he finished the thing is anyones guess! Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ sauce or just straight down the hatch, who knows..but obviously lots of people care! Ill be honest I say I know absolutely nothing about eating placentas! Im not sure if they need to be boiled, roasted or just ate straight off the baby and to be honest I have little, actually make that zero interest in eating a placenta. Will this start a new hollywood craze? I ask myself and some of you asked the same question last night on the show. Just briefly, lets take a look at some of the Hollywood crazes that have influenced us lot over here, across the pond.

Take Paris Hilton and her dog. You cant walk down Pana these days without some young one prancing down the road with a Guineys handbag complete with a Jack Russell squashed in between the change pouch and a naggan! Next we will have monkeys, squashed into the Guineys bag! Why? Well the dog got boring for Paris, so she bought a monkey which attempted to scratch her face off like a winning streak scratch card! Of course, we like to keep up with hollywood. We could blame Denis Rodman for bleached hair and tatoos. We could blame Arnold Schwarzenegger for people wanting to politicians. We could blame Michael Jackson for the priests, although its more likely we could blame them for Michael Jackson. The list is endless. Think of it this way, if your ever inside Square Deal, Ideal Living, New Furniture Centre or any of the countless furniture shops in Cork and you see some guy bouncing up and down on a sofa, you can blame Tom Cruise for that one! Maybe Oprah is entitled to some of that blame, but it lies mainly at Toms feet. Going back to the Placenta craze, Im sure some of the Hollywood crew will take up on it and start knocking back Evians and Placentas like no tomorrow. Maybe the famous Ivy restaurant will start some Placenta dishes! Deep fried Placenta, Sweet n Sour Placenta and maybe even Bacon and Placenta.

To be brutally honest, I was fairly pissed off by the end of the show last night! The amount of young people who rang up saying it was so easy to get drink and how they're locked all the time was frightening! Why do they do it, week in week out? For a laugh was the response! Some of their parents were well aware of the fact that they were out getting bolloxed! There should be some awards handed out to those parents! For years now we've been talking about underage drinking on the show, on and off. Each time I learn something new. One FF Councillor last night proposed a clamp down around off licences. Thats not going to work! Nothing for kids to do? Thats shit as well! Theres plenty for em to do, but most of dont want to try something new. Theres been plenty of exceptions on the positive side of things too though! Some callers have set up their own youth club, and others havent been tempted at all. One texter said I was the exception to the rule, because I was born grown up. A stupid comment. I wasnt born grown up! But Ive 30 years on the planet, and Ive seen some crazy shit over the years (as have alot of people). But if kids want to go out and get hammered and end up getting robbed, abused or raped because they were so out of it, thats there problem. Its not my dick thats gonna fall off from some drunken STI ridden romp, or I wont be ending up with a pregnant teenager oul doll. Maybe a bit more education is needed, as in proper education from people who experienced stuff. Not some government official going "Well I think the kids need this" and they dont have a clue! I know theres tonnes of great teenagers out there, hell lots of em are regular listeners and callers to the show, but is so frustrating hearing some of the calls last night, and society and the country we live in are half to blame. This underage drinking thing didnt suddenly spring up last week. Since Ive been presenting the show, 3 years this month, I have seen or heard nothing positive about tackling underage drinking. Well maybe I have, but has it hell it hasnt!