Monday, February 26, 2007

The one where it wasnt possible to leave it go this long

I cant remember when I left the blog go this long without an update. That 500th post took it out of me. Retyping all those updates knackered me fingers. Somebody told me I should have just cut and paste, but to be honest I thought they were on about wallpapering...cough..cough..ccoooooouuuugggghhhhh!!!

Anyway, if you've been listening to the show you will know I am alive and well and if your only point of contact is this blog then no doubt you will have been wondering about the funeral arrangements.

Finally, last night it happened. The original Goodfella finally picked up his well deserved Oscar. Its about time the Academy recognised Martin Scorsese as one of the finest talents in Hollywood. In my view, the Departed is certainly not his best work but its a fine flick none the less. Im sure alot of people were wondering was Jesus going to come back before Scorsese got an Oscar.
If your a regular on the Cobh road you will be well aware of the Belvelly bridge and the scenic road into the town itself. You will also be aware that its a bad, bad road for the first 1000 meters or so. You will also be aware that your car may fall apart from the shuddering that goes on. Heres what Im proposing! A member of the county council should stand on that bridge, 24 hours a day, in shifts, with a tape measure or a little growth chart! Why, simple really, you have to be a certain height to ride the road! Its a joke at this stage. Whatever roadworks school the muppets who worked on this road went to, they would really want to go back and pay attention this time! For anyone thats interested in a free, thrilling, car shaking ride head for Fota and go over the bridge and swing right. Do it before that start charging!

Normal blogging resumed....apparently!

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mister scruff said...

is there any chance of a podcast of your Red FM show being available anytime soon?

i'd love to have it as i have fierce problems with RedFMs live audio stream.