Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The one about this Valentines lark briefly

Happy Valentines day to y'all. If your single, your better off :) I happened to wander into Tesco last night after the show to drag something home for breakfast. I had decided yesterday, regardless of what time I hit the leaba, I was going to cook Ger breakfast. 3:45am I hit the bed and theres alarms going off at 6:45am. I amaze myself by waking 2 minutes before the alarm attack. I don't remember getting up, I don't remember getting down the stairs and I sure as hell don't remember cooking a valentines breakfast, with everything from croissants to white pudding. So all is well! Cards exchanged and so forth. The only thing that annoyed me was the postman tried to break down the door at around 10:30. 843 Valentines Cards. Amazing. Thank you all so much. Ok so part of the above may well be a lie. If I were a betting man, Id be putting the money on the croissants. Either way, I had a nice Valentines crack of dawn time. Ger has decided to cook dinner this evening, so roll on that. But then, after that, while most of you are either trying to figure out my reciepe, or cuddling up in front of rom com or bonking your brains out through your ankles, Ill be working. The show goes on, and by christ it'll go on tonight!

If you are single and fancy meeting someone, Dial a Date is back tonight in the last of our marathon dial a date sessions. The last few dial a dates we've had have had huge responses and its great to see its working. No more "What did ya see yer name was" from some mad man drenched in sweat in a rammed club.

Anyways, Ill leave you with an interview with Cupid. Enjoy, and dont forget to use Vics Valentines Vouchers!

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Happy valentines Vic!!!!!!!!!