Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The one that should have happened yesterday!

Exploding lightbulbs and old people signing cheques were some of the highlights of yesterday. For once I got ahead of myself and managed to pop out into the real world for some lightbulbs. And a hand mixer. The hand mixer didnt pose any problems, and neither did the lightbulbs as one might be led to believe! On an average Monday, in a DIY store, how long would you think it would take to buy 4 lightbulbs. 2 minutes maybe. A minute some of you are saying? Nah, over 10 minutes.

Did the cashier have a smoke break, a lunch break, a shite break? Again, I got Nah. Some old man was buying 2 lights and was paying by cheque, in front of me. The total of the lights was around €25 and he was paying by cheque. A €25 cheque. It wouldnt be so bad, except he took for ever to write the damn thing. There was at least another 7 people behind me at this stage. A thought crossed my mind that we should all give a few quid and that way he wouldnt have had to write a cheque. Now I cant talk. I once bought a pack of batteries by credit card. €6.99 batteries to be exact. But the ATM machine in the shop wasnt working, so it was excusable. And anyway, it wasnt by cheque!

Australia Day is on Friday and all week on Cork Talks Back we will be celebrating by giving away €200 vouchers for Harvery Norman. Cheque (haha...funny isnt it) out the show tonight to win!

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