Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The one about Vanilla Pods and not much else!

For the last few nights Ive been asking the listeners about where to buy vanilla pods! Lots of you were suggesting Tesco or the English Market. Im a lazy sod and it was only last night I decided to wander into Tesco, after the show. I searched high and low for 10 minutes and eventually gave up fighting the manly "Dont ask for directions to anywhere and certainly dont ask where to find fucking vanilla pods" frame of mind. One poor chap, not sure where he was from, obviously popped his "Vanilla pod location in the store" cherry when he met me. He didnt seem to have a clue what I was on about, and to be honest, it didnt bother me. It wasnt as if I was asking for a frozen chicken or anything! He then asked me would it be found in the hardware section and this was the point I told him not to worry about it! I wandered around for another 20 minutes and eventually found them in the SPICE section! €2.38 for ONE. So I bought 3, ran to the self service checkout and bolted out the door. The next five minutes were spent in the car, in the rain, attempting to open one of the bottles. After eventually finding the serated seal, I spent a few minutes like some crazed junkie sniffing a vanilla pod, in the car, in the rain. So thats it! Vanilla pods have been found! All I need now, is to use them in something! Doh!

As mentioned in the title, theres not much else! Join me on the air later on from 9pm on Corks RedFM!

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