Friday, January 12, 2007

The one about last night!

There was a huge reaction last night to the topic, that made front page of yesterdays Echo. Over the last few years Ive covered the Enthusiast vs Boy Racer debate, quite a few times and it was quite refreshing to hear 99% of callers condem the ghoul that went through Jack Lynch at high speed. In particular the Enthusiasts were out in force last night all giving their views on the Boy Racer brigade. But then, as always, theres at least one clown.

One fool came on last night trying to convince people that it was good to "Drive on" and when he finally figured out in his little lump of grey matter that he wasnt getting anywhere, he decided to start reving the arse out of his "car". More than likely a 98 Fiat Punto with stick on Argos "Rims" and lets not forget the Nike Stripe down the side. No doubt there would be a few Celtic stickers on the back window and the interior would be painted in green and white emulsion. And lets not forget the ultimate boyracer accessory. The top lip tascher!

The video in question is only the tip of the iceberg. Theres even more of these clowns out there, who have videos on the net. It doesnt take a scientist to figure out how and where to find them. What amazes me is that these dopes, have the brains to select the video mode in their phone and its even more amazing that they can upload it onto the internet. Maybe this crowd are secret Mensa members. But the clever thing about it all is most of them are recognisable and their registrations are in full view. The Gardai must be extatic with their assistance. All in all, a bad day yesterday for the car enthusiasts. As Derek from said last night, theres a change coming and it has to happen correctly, otherwise it'll mess things up for years. Heres hoping that change happens and these boy racing ghouls are erradicated sooner, rather than later. Then, the hard working car enthusiasts can be admired by all as opposed to the "There goes another one of them fuckin boy racers" comments!

On a different note, Im playing in Club Light in Mallow tonight. Doors 11:30pm. The blog could well be updated over the weekend, but thats unlikely. Normal random and "humourous" musings return on Monday afternoon!

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