Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Toy show on the radio - Impossible?

Later on this evening, one of the good people from World of Wonder will be coming in with some gizmos and toys! It'll be a good bit of fun and Ill have plenty of pics up here tomorrow!

Im off tomorrow night, Sunday night and Monday night. Mr.MacArdle will be holding the fort while Im away. I havent had a few nights off in a while so its going to be strange. No doubt most of my time will be taken up getting the 5 million xmas decorations down from the attic. Last year we bought a fake tree, so twas grand and simple getting it out of the box and set up. Getting the thing into the attic was another story. I had to shove it UP a ladder for half and hour trying to get it into the attic. I should have listened to Hulk Hogan more when he was rambling on about drinking milk and taking vitamins and so forth. My big dilemma is trying to get the thing down. I feel it might be easier just to throw it through the ceiling.
Speaking of Xmas the Sky TV guide collided with my letter box yesterday. In between ad breaks on Sexcetra last night I had a quick fumble through it. Same oul shite for Xmas. Nothing good on from what I can see! Christmas night is movie night in the gaff, so Im hoping the HD-DVD version of World Trade Center arrives in time!

For those of you who didnt hear my rant about McDonalds on Sunday night here it is again, in a possible extended version!
Last Saturday I was in Mahon Point with her goodself wandering around! After much wandering and even more spending, the hunger pangs arrived and a trip to the food court was in order. All very well. After some thought we decidedon McDonalds. Herself wanders off, among the millions of abandoned children running around, to find a seat. Yours truly starts eyeing up the McQ's. There was about 4-5 people in the smallest q, so I hopped into that one. Big mistake. Some oul Bridy at the front must have been ordering enough food so she could send it out to Africa. That took some time! Meanwhile the largest q was been served at light speed. A warning for you all. The smallest q isnt always the fastest. You can apply this theory to any given situation! Size does matter after all. Anyway, the guy in front of me had his kid with him, and following a good 10 minutes and a truck for the oul Bridys african shipment he saunters up to the till. The girl behind does the usual spiel and he goes........."What do ye have?". Now I was already aggravated, plus the fact that I hate Q's (and P's for that matter) wasnt making me any calmer. What do ye have? Jesus H Christ, what did he expect to find at McDonals, Spaghetti Bolognese. I was really close to tapping him on the shoulder and saying "They serve Big Macs and Happy Meals, hurry the fuck up". Eventually he ordered a "Smiley meal" and a fish supper for himself. I shit you not (here comes the extended bit) he asked for a fish supper. Now McDonalds is one of the biggest brands in the world and heres some savage asking for a fish supper. Eventually he settled on that Fillet O Fish thing. Now as most people now and in my own personal McDonalds dining experience, the oul Fillet O Fish isnt very popular, so that took up even more time! That said, they pushed him to one side and took my order! I hope the toy is the "Smiley meal" was broken!

On a final nerdy note, all you Halo fans have a peek at this if you havent seen it already!


darkman said...

Not at all!

Anonymous said...

hay vic, love the show will u play jesus brother bob and id like to say dont start and u wont have to stop

Anonymous said...

was in mcd's few weeks ago in mahon point.. got served by what id call a gobshite.. ordered me food and guess what half was missing.. and then there was the people jumping on front of me.. next time u want food go to the one in douglas better all around!! merry xmas