Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blog now over 2 years old!

Just realised that this oul Blog is over 2 years old and this is the 426th post. While not technically an update every day, take out weekends, hospital visits and downright laziness, it aint bad!

A section of todays update is going to be a bit nerdy! Last Friday I bought the HD-DVD drive add on for the Xbox 360. 6 times better quality than standard DVD, it said on the box. It wouldnt be far wrong. In anticipation I started ordering a few HD-DVDs from around the web. Most of them have arrived and this morning I spent a good 150 minutes taking in Superman Returns. I didnt like the movie that much in the cinema, but its after taking a new lease of life on HD-DVD. The image quality draws you into the screen in a way Ive never experienced before. If truth be told, the last few months I havent been that pushed about watching DVDs or even making the cinema and as cheesy as it sounds, HD-DVD has reignited my passion for film! The HD-DVD drive comes with a copy of King Kong HD and I cant count the amount of times Im after watching the T-Rex scrap! I compared 2 copies of Batman Begins yesterday. The original DVD and the HD-DVD. The difference is vast, especially on a 7ft screen!

Its 20 days to go, to the day adn then its all over. No doubt at around this time in 20 days time, most of you will be stuffed to the gills with a good Xmas dinner! Its going to be around this time that the Quality Street are pulled out. 20 minutes on, the booze if flowing. An hour later it will still be flowing, but more than likely down the side of the chair! 2 hours later someone will do the inevitable.....Turkey Sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a final note and as promised

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