Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The one with excuses about wearing a maids outfit maid of PVC

If you scroll down the page, you'll come across a picture of me, in a PVC maids outfit. Over the last few years, Ive revealed many personal things about myself for better or normally for worse, on the air. Im a big believer in being honest on the air and its all for the good listeners! Thats what happened last night. The girls came in with their boxes of sex toys etc.etc. but point blank refused to do the Adult Toy Show unless I wore the maids outfit. There was no compromise, no nothing. Wear it and we'll do the show! So, for the listeners, I had to take one for the show (again) as it were. The rumours floating around today about there being a big fight and me not wanting to give back the outfit are untrue and rubbish! The Adult Toy Show went off with a bang, loads of response and the phone lines nearly melted to the desk for our "Adult" giveaways!

Theres 2 more shows left to go for me and things are a bit different Xmas week. The show is keeping with a festive vibe and we have tonnes of giveaways to sort out your stockings! Some of the highlights so far this week have been Karl Spain in a pool hall and Joe Rooney drinking an entire bottle of wine during his interview!

The secret Santa festivites kicked off in the station today and someone managed to get me an inflatable wife. Which is rather cool, but I must add I was disappointed to see no entry holes on the wife. Nothing a black and decker and duct tape cant fix Id imagine :)

Thats about it from me for today, I am going to be doing a major blog update over the next few days, which will include the best and worse of 2006. If theres something you'd like me to give some comedic writings to, leave a comment!

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Joanne ann summers rep said...

Hi vic joanne here could you take the pic of me laughing as i look reterded