Thursday, December 21, 2006

The one about the last show of the year and a lame excuse for a short update!

Its the last show of the year and its going to be spectacular! Fireworks, Drinks....afternoon tea biscuits...Well maybe not but its gonna be a liuttle bit mad! Im planning on giving away anything that isnt nailed down in the entire building and to boot Police Academy legend Michael Winslow one of the funniest Irish gentleman in the country, Jason Byrne will be in the house to bring a festive smile or ten! Tonight is also the night Im going to be giving away a Turkey, so if ya havent bought a bird yet, hold tough! Tonight could be the night! I was talking to Dan yesterday evening and Im sure theres gonna be a brand new festive "Tales from a man called Dan" in the show tonight as well as a very special "Twas the night before Christmas"

Thats about it for today as I have a billion things to do but check out the blog over the next few days for a massive Xmas update. This will more than likely be up by Saturday!

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