Friday, October 06, 2006

Well another week draws to a close, and what a week its been. From the Fermoy Bypass to Drug Party organising Taxi Drivers and with some brand new Weird Al I dont think theres too many people can complain.

On my trek home the other night, on the South Link, close to Mahon Point, I popped my "Holy Shit, theres someone driving on the wrong side of a dual carrigeway" cherry. They didnt seem to be driving like they were lost either. This car was motoring at, I reckon 80kph. As a matter of fact, it was going so fast that I was expecting to see a herd of County hall sized gorillas thundering up the link behind it. It would have been quite easy for this maniac to stop and turn around. Its not as if they were on a 57k of motorway with no exits. But in hindsight, if I looked in my rear view mirror and was convinced that there was a gang of building size primates inches from my bumper, I probably wouldnt turn around either. As Im sure many of you wouldnt as well. After all, remember King Kong and what he was able to do to a few cars! People who drive on the wrong side of the road, let alone the wrong side of a dual carrigeway are about one step above the people who drive for miles in a straight line, with a clicking sound and a green light flashing. Yup, the clowns who drive for miles with an indicator blinking. On occasion I wonder are they just going to drive into a ditch and keep going. Its all very Dukes of Hazzard!

Well done to all in Red who got nominated for a PPI radio award. Alas, yours truly didnt get nominated for anything. Obviously bedlam breaking out in a city center with teenagers (JC night) isnt good enough. Next year Ill be entering a piece about eating noodles in a bog. God Im fierce sour (not really to be honest, comedic writing!!!!). As far as Im concerned though, the only winners in all of this are the listeners!

Anyways, Im off to wander around a shopping center beheading a few zombies. What better way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Get it Off Your Chest Sunday 10pm, Sunday night only on Corks RedFM. Come on down and vent. As Bob Hoskins once said "Its good to talk" or as Bridy McCarthy used say "Ring the bastard up and have a good oul fu"%ing moan. Tis good for the soul"

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