Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lots of feedback regarding the planned anti fur demo on last nights show. I have no idea if it went ahead today, or indeed what the outcome was. For my own 2 cents, Im a huge animal lover and I do think that the conditions these livestock are kept in, are at times terrible. Nobody could answer my simple question last night about the proof of cruelty in the 8 fur farms in Ireland. Thats it really. The Chinese are doing all kinds of crazy stuff to the animals, including dipping them into sweet and sour. Ive never worn an item of fur, simply because I dont think me walking down Pana with a polar bear wrapped around me would do much for the image....not even if I had a cane and a hat, and a cadillac with a leopard skin interior. These animal activists have their heart in the right place, but its like their brain is kept in someone elses fridge, in a jar previously used for holding blackcurrant jam! At least there not all holded up in some barren part of West Cork!

Our latest dial a date, as many of you learned last night didnt work out as planned. Crossed wires, cross pens and crossed legs and a plethora of other reasons were why it didnt work out. Anyways, gentleman (Lesbians need not apply this time round) this beautiful lady in the pic that follows is looking for a sports mad, car loving, taller than 5'5 guy. Man Utd fans preferred if possible.

Another dial a date with Aoife will happen a little later on. Simply text me the word interested when you Im on the air, and if a suitable applicant is selected by Aoife Ill only be too happy to send ye to the Everyman next week, to see the new Sherlock Holmes show. After that ye are on yer own. I have no idea where you'll be seated in the Place, so dont even bother requesting "back seats". Thats my lot for today!

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