Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The weather is still miserable, but the mood has brightened up to some extent. Nice response to the Steve Irwin tribute song last night. If truth be told Im still a little sad over his untimely death. For someone who seemed so invincible, its incredibly hard to believe hes gone. To have his life taken away by the things he loved for a man that gave so much to the natural world, it just doesnt seem right. Trawling around the web this morning, the amount of tributes is staggering. Steve Irwin has touched the lives of millions around the world, and will never be forgotten. Personally, the guy has given me hours and hours of endless entertainment (even infotainment) over the last number of years, and he'll always have a spot in my heart. Im sure some people find it hard to take on board that Im sad about a celeb passing on. Maybe it IS bizarre, but I felt the same way when Richard Pryor died, particuarly because I used to talk to his wife mainly, and Richard on occasion via email. I felt the same when Rodney Dangerfield passed away and I felt the same when Johnny Carson moved on. Certain celebs mean things after admiring them for so long. Having admired Steve Irwin for so long, its hard to comprehend what happened to him. Theres a group of aussies living in cork, who text the show from time to time, and they text in last night calling me a legend for the tribute song. I replied "Its Steveo is the legend"

Onto things that are not so morbid. We followed up on the Clonakilty public disorder meeting last night, and will be touching it tonight again, as it wasnt entirely finished when we went to air last night. One suggestion was that parents have to take a more active role. To be honest, Ive never heard such rubbish in my life. Everyone knows parents need to take a more active role in their little darlings activities. What difference does it make if its announced at a public meeting. Nada. Water off a ducks back. It'll be interesting to see what else has hatched out of this meeting last night.

Another topic that cropped up last night, was Debs and Grads. Some callers were only spending €200-€300 for the night. Some were borrowing dresses and the bling bling, while some were getting their dress made. Yup, getting the bloody thing made. At first, I thought the individual was getting married, but they kept insisting that it was their Debs. For anyone that gets anything made, be it a kitchen cabinet or a debs dress, its not cheap. At least with a kitchen cabinet, you get to use it more than once. Imagine spending a fortune on a kitchen cabinet and using it on the 1st of October, and then smashing the thing up and throwing it in the back of a wardrobe. Its all about value for money. Some callers were harping that its a very special night, and its the result of 6 years of hard schooling. Look, the result of 6 years of hard schooling is what your doing now. Be that in college, in a job or scrounging around on the dole. A special night me arse. More people were calling for blood at this stage and saying its the last time you can be together with all your friends. Maybe things have changed since my day (all 12 years ago) but most schools are riddled with cliques. The debs/grads are the same. Most of these people couldnt care less about if they see you again. Now, theres probably someone thinking "Christ what kinda grads did Vic have?". To be brutally honest, it was a nice night. I wasnt wandering around the street at 7 in the morning, vomiting or donning a road cone on my head. Did I spend a mortgage payment for the whole thing, nah. And what is it with people who MUST go to the leisureplex to go bowling at 3 in the morning. Are these people in bowling there any other nights. Nah! To cap off a grads/debs night bowling, isnt exactly rock n roll now is it. Come to think of it, wandering up and down the western road looking for a B&B isnt exactly Keith Moon either. But combine the B&B and running up to the ESSO wearing grad shoes with no socks and your pants half hanging off and your into the roadie at a Phil Collins gig, at the very least!

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