Monday, July 17, 2006

Alive and Kicking

2 weeks ago this Wednesday I didnt think Id be around updating this blog, but all is well. The new health kick has kicked in like getting run over by a herd of elephants. Ok, theres been the occasional slip up..make that a few actually. A feed of Lennoxs, KFC and Pizza Hut, not all at once but spread over the last 2 weeks. A few beers and thats about it. Hang on, there was also 2 breakfast rolls and a 2 BBQs. The more I think about it there was Eddie Rockets as well. No before my doctor reads this, in all likely hood he wont, as hes one of the 2 finger typists all this bad eating was the only eating on that day. I have no excuses for the above lapses, but I have been exercising like a guy running away from a herd of really pissed off elephants. Its all about elephants today for some reason. The specialist, didnt mention much about my diet, but more about getting out and exercising. And Ive walked every day for the last 2 weeks, dragging the poor dog behind me. Im trying to keep the stress levels down as well, and with that I have a nice stress pain in hte back of me neck as I type. Maybe its that, back to work blues, as the last week I was off was a week of holidays. To be honest it was a week of recouperating more than anything, a few drives here and there in the new car and that was it!

Anyways, all the juicy bits will come out on tonights show, including why I thought I was dead!
Check it from 9pm!!!!

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