Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Nope your eyes don’t deceive you. There is actually a post here. I’ll admit things have gone on the slow here, but times are busy.

As one does these days, I took a wander with the wife and smallie into one of the big supermarkets to buy food and the like. Upon landing at the checkout, after filling a trolley with shit we didn’t need, things were scanned through by a pleasant lady.

Well pleasant until she came across 2 bottles of Curiosity Cola (which I’m rather fond of on occasion). She stopped the scanning and proceeded to hold one of the bottles and give it the once over. “What’s this like?” she says. “Sorry?” says I. “You know, is it nice? I’ve never seen that before” she continues. “It is” I grunted back and cut the conversation dead. This is something that really irks me.

Why should somebody behind a checkout engage in conversation about WHAT we are buying and more so, what’s it like. You work in a supermarket, you more than likely get some form of discount. Use that and find out. It’s almost like a criticism of sorts. The words mind your own fucking business about what’s in my trolley spring to mind. But I’m a nice bloke and wouldn’t dare utter that to somebody in public. Ahem.

Anyway, stick to the usual weather, government and how you had your other half attempt the wrong hole last night conversations. But leave my fuckin purchases out of it!

Back on air tonight from  9pm!


Anonymous said...

chill out.....Its called making conversation...and no.. people that work in supermarkets don't tend to get discounts AT ALL.. all she asked was "is it nice?"...that doesn't even seem slightly inappropriate to be honest man... chill out...

PS. Curiosity Cola is the pretty good indeed!

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