Friday, July 30, 2010


It never ceases to amaze me the idiots on the road. Was pulled into the hard shoulder near dunkettle yesterday, hazards flashing, so Ger could sort out the smallie who was not being a very good passenger. Himself was sorted in a few minutes, but in those few minutes I kept staring in the rear view and wing mirror expecting the worst. And it nearly fuckin happened.

Some idiot in a land rover driving up the hard shoulder for 3-400 meters trying to get into a lane. And the thing is, this dope was in the lane, then drove into the hard shoulder and attempted to get back into the lane he was already in!!!!! It was like a scene out of Matrix as I watched all this happen in slow motion. As I was about to drive forward at the rate of knots, he suddenly spotted the car and swerved out. Never saw anything like it in my life!!!!!!

If he had hit us, I wouldn’t be writing this right now…unless they have internet in prison, which I’m sure they do. After all they have TV’s and phones don’t they?

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