Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, then! All normality came finally rushing back last night as I went back on the airwaves after nearly 2 weeks of not being in front of a mic! Reluctantly I went back to work, but hey, that 55 inch 3D TV that Santa is bringing to the baby, ain’t gonna but itself!

It took a few minutes to get into the swing of things, as it usually does after 2 weeks away, but things went well by all accounts! The last 2 weeks have been pretty mind fuckingly brilliant! Besides having the privilege of being next to my wife for the birth of our son, I’ve been doing stuff that, a few years ago, I would have, like a Sunday World reporter, made my excuses and left. But life is funny. It’s hard to explain, actually nigh on impossible to explain, but an internal autopilot was switched on the moment Cameron was born.
airplane11 Projectile shite and wee flying through the air have all been experienced without yours truly (as well as the new Mum) blinking an eye! Again, its like it’s built in as to what to do for every cry and movement. Truly bizarre, and it’s times like this that you get a new and very different perception on life.

The first moment I heard Cameron’s lungs take a gulp of air will always live with me. That moment is forever burned into my mind. As well as that, moments after being born he was in my arms and half opened his eyes when I spoke to him. That too is burned into my mind, forever. The sadness of walking out the door to work is something that is instantly removed once you back in the door and see himself, eyes wide open!
I will never forget any of those moments, and I’ll never forget the amazing staff at the CUMH, who are the real heroes of this city we call home!
The feeling of pure, raw emotion gushing down my face is something that only those who have experienced the wonder of becoming a dad, can understand.

I need to take another moment to acknowledge the huge amount of well wishes that are still constantly coming by various means, online and otherwise. Again, thank you all so much!

Anyway, that’s enough profoundness and all that jazz. Blog resumes to normal humorous tones with bitching and stupid crap this week!

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