Monday, April 12, 2010

The one with bad driving

Over the weekend, not sure what day it was, but lets be honest it was one or the other. I saw what I think is the biggest bout of bad driving I have seen in quite some time! And, tragically, for the female species, it was a “lady” driver.

I was driving behind a small little Fiat jobbie, or similar when the driver lifted her left arm off the wheel, as if to wave to me. Then the right arm came off the wheel and I wondered was she thinking she was in a rollercoaster, you know where you put your hands up and think your flying. She then proceeded to bunch her hair with one hand, brush it with the other and then…yes, it gets better..or worse, she put a bloody go-go on. At this point, the car swerved toward a wall and she swerved back and then turned around staring as to say “What the fuck was that wall doing there?”

If she had collided with the wall, I would have laughed and kept driving. At least her hair would have been braced for impact. The dope!

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Fiona said...

I was filling the car with Petrol last week and actually laughed out loud at what i saw, a lady had realized her tank was on the opposite side, all she had to do was reversed and go to the other side or even drive the long way around and this would have been fixed it took her at least 20 maneuvers to get the car to the other side of the pump :O , its no wonder woman drivers have a bad name with fecking eejits like this.