Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The one with Trains and reservations

I was on a train yesterday. I was on a train yesterday, that got me to Dublin 20 minutes ahead of the inked arrival  time. I was on a train with quite a number of idiots.

Maybe I’m wrong to assume they were idiots, but when the conversations of “Sorry thats actually my seat as my name is in an orange light above it” are in earshot I’m lead to believe that people can’t read and completely not clued into how reservations work.

Luckily I didn’t encounter such a problem as myself and the Russian dude that was also at my table created enough space so no one else would sit there. He had has laptop, a bag of food and a about 2 tree’s worth of paper. I had an iPod.

The problem with the idiots really started from Limerick Junction onwards. Entire families would sit down in a reserved area and then any stop’s that were made, they would nervously scan the recently boarded passengers for a potential scuffle! Madness! And the bunch that got on in Thurles were another blog posting altogether.

Tis not that hard! Name in lights, sit the fuck down, once its YOU!


Xbox4NappyRash said...

'The problem with the idiots really started from Limerick'

you could have left it at that really & explained everything...

jennsun08 said...

i agree, it starts from limerick, we corkoneons are polite creatures and know enough that if a seat is booked a seat is booked and we dont sit down there. it's not that hard people.