Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The one with a few pics and THE ANNOUNCMENT

For over 3 months, I’ve been keeping the biggest secret of my life! Ger is pregnant, so yours truly will be a Daddy by the Summer! Huge thanks to all the tweets and facebook mentions so far! I’m still getting my head around it to be honest, but roll on the shitty nappies, the puke and the joy of having our first born. And another thing…It’s going to be great to get a father’s day card from another human as opposed to the dogs giving me one each year!

Anyways, I spent most of the holidays in NYC (Tribeca to be exact)  and to be honest, I gave up dragging the camera around and swapping lenses and just started completely chilling out! All in all, I took about 900 shots, many just off the hip, but for the last few days, the camera spent its time in the hotel! I’ll bang up a trip report at some point but either way, here’s a few snaps! So click the full album part :)

IMG_5458 (Medium) IMG_5469 (Medium) IMG_5474 (Medium) IMG_5481 (Medium) IMG_5483 (Medium) IMG_5496 (Medium) IMG_5520 (Medium) IMG_5524 (Medium) IMG_5569 (Medium) IMG_5598 (Medium) IMG_5624 (Medium) IMG_5635 (Medium) IMG_5636 (Medium) IMG_5246 (Medium) IMG_5248 (Medium) IMG_5249 (Medium) IMG_5262 (Medium) IMG_5276 (Medium) IMG_5282 (Medium) IMG_5284 (Medium) IMG_5288 (Medium) IMG_5293 (Medium) IMG_5306 (Medium) IMG_5307 (Medium) IMG_5311 (Medium) IMG_5312 (Medium) IMG_5315 (Medium) IMG_5316 (Medium) IMG_5320 (Medium) IMG_5323 (Medium) IMG_5343 (Medium) IMG_5346 (Medium) IMG_5351 (Medium) IMG_5356 (Medium) IMG_5357 (Medium) IMG_5377 (Medium) IMG_5396 (Medium) IMG_5401 (Medium) IMG_5402 (Medium) IMG_5408 (Medium) IMG_5410 (Medium) IMG_5414 (Medium) IMG_5419 (Medium) IMG_5433 (Medium) IMG_5027 (Medium) IMG_5038 (Medium) IMG_5062 (Medium) IMG_5079 (Medium) IMG_5087 (Medium) IMG_5095 (Medium) IMG_5099 (Medium) IMG_5112 (Medium) IMG_5113 (Medium) IMG_5119 (Medium) IMG_5126 (Medium) IMG_5141 (Medium) IMG_5154 (Medium) IMG_5169 (Medium) IMG_5178 (Medium) IMG_5186 (Medium) IMG_5204 (Medium) IMG_5210 (Medium) IMG_5211 (Medium) IMG_5214 (Medium) IMG_5228 (Medium) IMG_5232 (Medium) IMG_5239 (Medium) IMG_5244 (Medium) IMG_5246 (Medium) IMG_5248 (Medium) IMG_5249 (Medium) IMG_5262 (Medium) IMG_5276 (Medium) IMG_5282 (Medium) IMG_5284 (Medium) IMG_4910 (Medium) IMG_4911 (Medium) IMG_4914 (Medium) IMG_4916 (Medium) IMG_4917 (Medium) IMG_4918 (Medium) IMG_4919 (Medium) IMG_4921 (Medium) IMG_4925 (Medium) IMG_4938 (Medium) IMG_4955 (Medium) IMG_4957 (Medium) IMG_4964 (Medium) IMG_4975 (Medium) IMG_4980 (Medium) IMG_4847 (Medium) IMG_4848 (Medium) IMG_4856 (Medium) IMG_4859 (Medium) IMG_4864 (Medium) IMG_4866 (Medium) IMG_4879 (Medium) IMG_4882 (Medium) IMG_4885 (Medium) IMG_4888 (Medium) IMG_4891 (Medium) IMG_4898 (Medium) IMG_4904 (Medium)

IMG_4828 (Medium)


Stephen Cahill said...

Congrats Vic!

amy said...

congrats and i think i took a pic of that exact same squirrel in central park around 2 years ago :D